1 Year on from #BritMumsLive 2013 -And I still think all bloggers are beautiful!

Written after #BritMumsLive 2013. Especially for those of you who have never been and are worried about what to wear, if you are too fat, whether your hair will have a good or bad day....
Remember. All bloggers (like brides) are beautiful. See you at #BritMumsLive 2014.....

Kirsty Allsopp at Britmums Live

Firstly apologies to my non-blogging readers for another #BritMumsLive 2013 post but it was such an immense event and really had such an impact on me I have to write just a little bit more about it.

I could write about the fantastic free stuff - books, food, pens, usb memory sticks etc.

I could write about the learning - so many scribbled notes and lightbulb moments which have already prompted a fair bit of fiddling with my layout.

I could write about the Brands - I was so keen to impress that I ended up doing a sort of hysterical, metaphorical jazz hands and tap dancing act like a crazed performing chimp. Sorry. Especially to the nice chaps offering a cruise. I know my offer of giving sexual favours behind your stand was wholly inappropriate. (But still stands if it'll work and I can go someone hot on a big ship.....?)

But what I want to write about is the bloggers. Specifically the women. (though there were some top notch lovely bloke-bloggers there too - you go boys!)

As I stood in the queue to get into The Brewery trying to take pictures of Kirsty Allsopp without looking totally stalkery I looked round at the other bloggers. D'you know - they were all beautiful!

There's a saying; "It takes all sorts." This is extremely relevant to bloggers. I saw all sizes, styles, ages. Pregnant, skinny, not so skinny. Very short and very tall. A reassuring number with the same type of flabby mummy lumpy bits as me. Some mad hair, some madder glasses. Some cool clothes. Jeans, T shirts, cocktail dresses, maxi dresses. Even one memorable sequinned playsuit and cardi combo. Wow!

 ****But everyone looked beautiful****

Of course I don't mean that there should have been model agencies on hand to snap up all the babes for the catwalk. To be honest of course some attendees showed signs of age, of failed diets, of bad hair days (And that was just me!)

Maybe it was their enthusiasm and joy and excitement which made for a fabulous glow which seemed to come from just about everyone.

The baby-induced exhaustion, travel- tiredness and nerves melted away from the people I met and all I saw all day were women at their very, very best. A bit like how all brides are beautiful - so are bloggers it seems.

I felt empowered at the end of the weekend. I feel I can take on the world. I'm part of a large, powerful community. Girl power at its best (with some cool boys allowed in too) And maybe if others felt the same, that was what was creating this universal beauty. Whatever, I hope people saw the same joy in me - it was truly a privilege to be part of.