A Good Night's Sleep with a Mediflow Waterbase Pillow - Review

I love being in bed (no, not like that - for sleeping in!) and would happily clock up my 8 hours of kip every night - except that I have Fibromyalgia and that often means sleep is a distant dream- excuse the terrible pun!

My skin is very sensitive, especially at night for some reason and I suffer with migraine and a lack of REM sleep. I am forever rearranging and plumping pillows and can rarely get comfortable.

Until I was sent a Mediflow waterbase support pillow to review. Now I was intrigued by this idea - could not imagine what on earth a water pillow might be like. I tried a water bed at the Ideal Home Show earlier this year as they apparently mould to your body - great for someone with Fibro.

The Mediflow pillow works on the same principles. Imagine if you will a normal good quality pillow filled with hypoallergenic polyester with a pocket of water surrounded by a thermal insulator underneath it. You have a lovely soft smooth top layer and the bottom layer of water helps it mould round your neck and head whatever position you lie in.
top of mediflow water base pillow 
 filling hole underneath
Normally when you roll from your side to your back you have to rearrange and/or plump up your pillow - not necessary with this clever design.

You add between 2-4 litres of water depending how firm you prefer your pillow (I went for three litres) and UK tap water can apparently stay in their for up to one year before emptying and refilling using a little blue funnel which screws into the pillow.

Filling was surprisingly easy - I did rope in a teen to help so I could hold it upright while he refilled the jug and I managed to only drip a couple of drips down the pillow which just wiped off. I pushed it into one of the zippered anti-allergen pillow protector cases I had also been sent and immediately replaced my usual pillow with the new one and counted down the hours to (an early) bedtime!

The official bumf claims the pillow is clinically shown to improve quality of sleep and reduce neck pain. (study published in the archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation). It claims the design fits everyone perfectly providing correct firmness and vertical support.

 The pillow comes with a 3-year warranty and the packaging claims that the pillow came top in studies testing how fast subjects fell asleep, how few times they woke up and overall quality of sleep.

mediflow waterbase pillow filling funnel in place
filling funnel screwed into place 
I would doubt this but after almost a week of good, restful sleep, complete with dreams (which is often associated with REM or deep sleep) I feel that the pillow really did contribute to improving my sleep.

Theres no real sensation of sleeping on water -it is not cold or hard and if you follow the clear instructions on smoothing all of the air out of the water pocket you won't even hear the water. It just feels like a heavy pillow!

You can buy the pillow on Amazon at the moment for £34 and a useful travel sized one is £31 - but be quick as they seem to be selling out fast!

I am sorely tempted to treat myself to the travel version- no more restless nights away with unfamiliar pillows which are the wrong depth or texture sounds very appealing to me!
pillow in packaging showing underneath with
filling hole visible.

Disclaimer: I received a free Mediflow Waterbase Pillow and anti-allergen pillow protectors for the purposes of this honest review. Views and opinions remain impartial and my own.