Goats Go Mad at Woodside Animal Park- my #BritMumsLive Sponsor

I was at the vet the other day with one of my cats and the lady sitting next to me was clutching a crisp box out of which poked a couple of pairs of tiny ears. Without being cheeky and asking what was in the box I couldn't actually tell what animal the ears belonged to.

So obviously I was cheeky and asked - she tipped the box towards me and inside were two gorgeous and tiny baby goats! Honestly - so small they would have fit in the palm of my hand.

Now goats aren't something I would have immediately thought of as cute but since my baby goat encounter I am slightly obsessed and was delighted to hear that over at Woodside Animal Farm at Slip End, Near Luton they have had a bumper crop of goats born who are now causing chaos much to the entertainment of the visitors!

A total of 13 goats have been born- a number which has proved unlucky for the exhausted staff who have to keep them confined whilst the goats do their best "Escape to Victory" impressions squeezing through fences and generally outwitting everyone.

goats at Woodside Animal Park

pygmy goat kid at Woodside Animal Park, Slip End

It's a good start for Woodside who have lots of new things up their sleeve to make the animal park lots of fun whatever the weather.
As well as the animals which you can admire, and in some cases feed and handle, they have an indoor soft play centre,  cafe, tractor rides and a funfair.

Over the last Bank Holiday they held monkey and Lemur feeding displays and I hear there was a slithery new arrival in the form of a large snake too!

And soon young visitors will be able to enjoy a new, wooden adventure trail which is due to open just in time for the sumer holidays.

Woodside has plenty for adults too - there's a gift shop, farm shop, poultry centre and a small animal and poultry boarding facilities. You can hold birthday parties there or adopt an animal. I quite fancy adopting a goat - do you think they'd let me take it home occasionally? Hmm, p'raps not.

Disclaimer: Woodside Animal Park, Woodside Road, Slip End, LU1 4DG is one of my sponsors for #BritMumsLive.