Mysterious Ways...introducing my sponsor #1 for #BritMumsLive

The saying goes:"God works in mysterious ways" but as I sat under a glorious evening sky this weekend I pondered for me at least this saying is so very true.

trees and sky
Summer evening sky in Letchworth

I was at a "Live Lounge" event- an evening where musicians come together and perform their own or other's compositions in an informal setting. There were pieces in a wide variety of styles of the musicians choosing or by audience request. There was food, wine, chat, the wind rustled the leaves gently as swifts screeched high in the sky.  I rested my head back to listen to an amazing pianist play Beethoven as the blue leeched out of the sky like the dye out of a much-loved T-shirt and pondered an amazing sequence of events that had bought me to Letchworth that evening.

*insert twinkly music and blurry wavy lines across screen here as we step back in time a couple of years*
You see I contemplated ordination for a while. This is highly personal and to some may seem unbelievable or downright ridiculous but bear with me and hopefully whatever you think about Faith you will take on board that it is important to me.

I felt called. Yep. If anyone had said that to me a few years ago I would have dismissed it as nutter-talk if it hadn't actually happened to me. It was a fabulous and scary experience (ask me in person if you really want to know exactly what form it took) and after a few months of thinking about what I had experienced I spoke to a vicar-friend and from then on rode the roller coaster ride which is Discernment.

This is basically a time where you discuss, think, explain, explore what it is that God is calling you to do. Some of it was the best time of my life - some the worst. Suffice it to say I decided against taking on a collar but by no means have given up on serving my God.

Anyway during this time I met some great people (and some right old loonies) and amongst them were musician Ron and his wife Ruth - who is now a trainee vicar. It was meant to be. We have supported each other through some cr*p times and celebrated through some great times. We share expertise (thanks again for the help with the tax return Ruth!) and eat far too much cake together.

They offered to sponsor me for #BritMumsLive  2014 at a time when I could not see any way of affording the event. I was so happy - I finally felt like a "proper" blogger knowing someone valued my work enough to be happy to sponsor me. Or maybe it was a pity-sponsor - Hmmmmm.

Well, whatever it was I am very happy to promote Simply Coastal, their fabulous holiday cottages at Bacton in Norfolk - perfect for a family holiday, romantic break or if you just need some peace and quiet for reflection.

Two cottages, "Driftwood" and "Summer Breeze" each sleep 4 in two bedrooms just a stone's throw from a beautiful, long, largely quiet sandy beach in Norfolk.  You can have a bucket and spade break never moving more than a mile from the cottages or head a few miles down the road for the bright lights and attractions of some of Britain's most famous seaside towns.

Their badge sits on the right hand side of the blog - you can always click through and message them direct if you want to book a break.
Bacton Beach, Norfolk, nr Simply Coastal cottages
Amazing sky over beach at Bacton-close to Simply Coastal cottages

Back to the story

Ron was teaching guitar when I first met the two of them at an event designed to help people "seek the way" in Faith. To be honest - and they know this - I though they were a bit 'happy clappy" for me, a typical high-ish church Anglican. In my church no-one ever speaks in tongues, stands up to heal people or claps. Unless the vicar tells them to clap. And only in designated clapping songs.

To be fair I think Ron especially was a bit doubtful about me. But I seem to have won him over with my unique blend of teasing and inappropriateness.

He is now working on promoting his first (amazing) album of original songs. You can listen to one of his tracks here:

I am NOT paid to promote his music- I just do it because I love it and want to share it with the world.

Ron has played live on my radio show twice. His music calms my soul. He and his wife feed me and my soul. They don't look like angels in the traditional sense. But you know, God moves in mysterious ways.....