Nervous ramblings from last year-just 1 hour before #BritmumsLive2013

 I wrote this after getting off the train and then realising I had no real idea of what to do next. Terrified, smiling a bit too brightly and hoping I wouldn't feel completely left out. 

Half wishing I hadn't got a ticket, half debating just getting back on the train home.

So how did it go last year when I attended my first ever blogging event - BritmumsLive2013........

So I'm here. Clutching my Oyster card with slightly sweaty hands.. Looking around trying to spot bloggers. Yes, I'm going to Britmums Live. I'm within feet of the venue in fact looking lonely. Where are the other bloggers.

What does a blogger look like?  Mostly women but not all. Mostly mums but not all. And judging by the frantic tweets flying around this morning, all dressed to impress whether that means dress and sparkles or jeans and T shirts or naked with pants on their head- you know who you are.... 

So I'm lurking in Starbucks looking for all the world like I'm waiting for a blind date. Which I sort of am. I have a lot of twitter handles and blog names buzzing round my head but for the life of me I can't remember any real names.

I know it'll be ok. All this week the Internet has been awash with bloggy lurve and reassurances of support and friendship and the promise of hugs.

With the exception of Church I have never felt so much "in the gang" and for that I thank every one of you butterflies and strangers who offered virtual friendship with the promise of live, in the flesh, person to person friendship.

If I gabble or say something inappropriate forgive me. I'm very nervous. But a blogger I love told me this morning to keep my head high and kick ass and that's fully what I intend to do- hey lets all do it together- together we are formidable, powerful and unstoppable.
You go girl! ( and boys!)

    Slightly scary pic of me ensconced in Starbucks trying not to look scary. 

Check in tomorrow to find out how it went for me last year. A little clue - I could not WAIT to buy a ticket for this year's event. #Britmumslive2014.