Real friends Share Oven Chips.#whatsthestory 9/6/14

Saturday night was a fairly typical one for us. We had been invited up to our friends house for a drink. It's generally bring a bottle, sometimes we have supper too or order a takeaway.

Our friends, like us, had been busy all day. I had spent two hours with my friend Rachel sorting out the flower arrangements in church - and yes I am aware how middle-aged that sounds.

We had renamed ourselves Muriel and Maud (and occasionally Mavis when I forgot who we were supposed to be) for the occasion- they seemed like better names for church flower arrangers - and there was lots of cackling as Rachel pruned trees for greenery for the arrangements and loaded them into the already overloaded arms of her "flower b*tch"  (me) much to the amusement? bemusement? of the workmen and wandering tourists in our churchyard. Much was made of the fact that I am considerably shorter than my friend.

We completed five arrangements and were about to clear up when we spotted a sixth arrangement base. Rude words were spoken out loud. We are hoping visitors don't look too closely at the display we proudly named "cuttings and cr*p we picked up off the floor."

And so to Saturday evening when Muriel and Mavis (Or am I Maud?) finally had time to relax with the menfolk. Wine, tea, crisps all tasted good in their beautiful typically English country garden in the late afternoon sunshine, and as the sun went down and we got peckish our friends lit a candle and chucked a bag of chips in the oven to cook. We wolfed them down with salt, vinegar, ketchup and mayo all out of one big bowl.

To me it was perfect because the real friends are the ones you don't have to tidy up for, dress up for, prepare elaborate meals for. You can of course and that's fun too. But Saturday night with our cheap wine and oven chips went perfectly with the usual insults and in-jokes which prove to us we have really good friends.


  1. You are so right and it's such a blessing when we can find friends like that. I don't have many that I could do that with and be as comfortable with and not dress or tidy up for but as long as I have a few life is perfect. I would rather that than a bunch of surface friends as I can them. Glad you had such a great time. #whatsthestory

  2. Wine and chips sounds good to me. Falling asleep infront of a good friend is another one :-)

  3. You know you have good friends when it's OK to dish up oven chips! Lovely post #Whatsthestory

  4. I'd be quite happy with oven chips and wine Afra - or just the wine. Such a lovely post, thank you for sharing #whatsthestory

  5. Nothing beats McCains oven chips with a side order of good company, mayo and tommy K. Don't forget the handcrafted brownie and almost last slice of chocolate marble birthday cake consumed too. A perfect summer's evening.

  6. how very true, and it sounds like a great evening with the best type of tea, one you don't slave for hours over.

  7. This is so right and I think we're very similar with out thoughts on this. It's open house and you take us as you find us. Awesome post hun xx #whatsthestory

  8. This is so true. Real friends are so not going to judge you if she sees that you're sink is full of unwashed dishes and your floor is errr sandy! I love your friendship and this post made me miss my best friends in my country. #WhatsTheStory


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