Stains Begone! Trying out a RugDoctor carpet cleaner and stain/odour removal sprays

Now in actual human years I am middle aged and in dog years I'm in triple figures but I like to think I'm young at heart. Honestly I still feel as irresponsible as a teenager sometimes and am occasionally taken by surprise by the haggard wrinkly face peering myopically at me in the bathroom mirror.

I have a guilty crush on Daniel Radcliffe which just feels wrong, especially when he's wearing his Hogwarts uniform, I am currently wearing a loom band bracelet claiming it is because my daughter made it when in fact I harbour a desire to "be down with the kids" and I have been known to sing along to Justin Bieber.  All together now...."Baby, baby, baby, Ooooh!"

But when it comes to cleaning products I am a proper grown-up and among of my favourite smells in the world are bleach, clean washing and the smell of a slightly damp, just cleaned carpet.

Just pause for a moment and imagine what the carpets are like in my home. In case you hadn't cottoned on yet, I have 7 children. I have a "no-shoes indoors" rule which they largely ignore and I have a "no food in the living room unless its a special occasion" rule which even I ignore (she says hastily stuffing a mint choc biscuit in her gob).

And after realising I had around 3 litres of spilled Coca-Cola in my living room carpet after a teen get-together I instigated a new "no-Coke in the living room" rule. Yep, you guessed it. Ignored.

RugDoctor hire and at home models
current hire model, new shape hire
model and blue model you can own!
So I was particularly excited to be invited to try out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners, and their range of spot cleaners which largely can be used without hiring or buying a machine. Although after seeing them in action I don't just want to hire a red one, I want to own a blue one. (coloured differently so they can spot when someone cheeky is trying to sell a hire machine on auction sites!)

And that was before I saw the two new lighter-weight models especially designed for home use in between deep cleans!

rug doctor new mini machine
If a carpet cleaner could be called cute...
I admitted to the team demonstrating how efficient RugDoctor is at cleaning up - well pretty much anything- that I'd never even looked into hiring one because I thought they'd be expensive. I guessed £50-70 for 24 hours. I was out by miles! Prices start at as little as £20 plus cleaning liquid which you can buy in small quantities or buy cheaper per litre in bulk and save for the next carpet cleaning session.

I was bombarded with fascinating statistics like people are more likely to pick something up they'd dropped off their own carpet and eat it than a friend's. And that less than 25 per cent of people admitted they'd enjoyed a  "romantic" moment on carpet.  OK- TMI!

But the proof was in the pudding and after watching clean fresh carpet appear from a pre-stained piece sticky with topsoil and cola I was hooked! Even on a relatively clean piece of carpet I could see an even cleaner stripe appear and the cleaned bit smelled nice, was soft and fluffed and like new.Be still my beating heart!

That was followed by a demo of how RugDoctor spot cleaners can make red wine, cranberry, urine, vomit, cola, blood, curry and a range of other stains literally disappear as if by magic, and not just from carpets either - almost looking forward to DH dropping his lamb tikka masala down his front to try my new stain removal sprays on his top!

Now I'm waiting to be able to borrow a RugDoctor machine (and hoping it's one of the new sleeker design) and I'll let you know how it copes with my carpets - if it can deal with 7 kids worth of mess mixed in with what comes off my builder husband's boots it can cope with anything!

Disclaimer: RugDoctor paid my expenses to attend a presentation to learn more about their products. I received a goody bag but was not paid for this post. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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