Black and White Hollyhock -The Black and White Photography Project

B&W pic of Hollyhocks in English Country Garden

This was a vivid red Hollyhock but in black and white you can see the veins on the petals so clearly! I love the texture of the wood and brick too. Taken simply with an iPhone and converted to black and white using iPhoto on Mac.

This post is part of The Black and white Photography Project being run by Charly at PODcast.  #bwphotoproject


  1. I'm tempted to put a small version of the original pic next to it but wasn't sure that was allowed!

  2. Love it, as you keep looking you find more and more detail :)

  3. I agree, the more you look, the more detail you see. Fab :)

  4. Look at the detail on that!!
    Amazing shot!
    Love it. :) x

  5. I really love the detail in this photo, the black and white really does highlight it. #bwphotographyproject

  6. oh wow look at that detail in the petals

  7. Thankyou - I think I'm going to enjoy this linky - pictures look so different in black and white don't they?

  8. Oh wow I love this in black and white Afra, just stunning. This project will be so good for experimenting, I'm planning on doing quite a bit of that! Thanks so much for joining in #bwphotoproject

    1. Thankyou for inspiring me all over again - I love your linkys!


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