Feel guilty and unhealthy for loving Coca-Cola & concerned about caffeine? This Mum looks at the facts.

I have loved Coca-Cola since I was a teen when I was able to drink "full fat" Coke from the signature red cans with no worries and certainly no guilt. It was just a lovely refreshing treat.

It never occurred to me, to be honest, to not allow my children to enjoy it too. I believe in everything in moderation although for the sake of my figure and my diabetic consultant I switched to Coke Zero years ago!

And I'll confess I feel more sad than guilty when I hear other parents say their children are banned from drinking it on the grounds it is unhealthy. Well, yes a lot of things that we enjoy aren't always the most healthy choice but a treat is a treat and since I make sure that less healthy choices don't become staple diet fodder I refuse to feel bad about my choices. I'd be a hypocrite if I preached abstinence when I love Coke myself so much!

Anyway, luckily for me Coca-Cola has a great choice of online tools and "real world" opportunities to make sure that people can be re-assured that they can be healthy and fit while enjoying their favourite drink too.

Have you heard of Park Lives? It's a fabulous initiative from Coca-Cola offering a programme of fun, free family activities in more than 70 parks which they plan to expand from the first three venues in Birmingham, Newcastle and the London Borough of Newham to parks in towns and cities across the UK over the next few years.

Activities on offer range from Tai Chi and rounders to Zumba and table tennis and all sessions will be free. The scheme launched just a few days ago after Coca-Cola pledged earlier this year to get one million people active by 2020. Impressive! I look forward to the scheme coming to a park near me soon.

One of the factors a lot of people quote as their reason to not drink Coke is the caffeine content. I must admit I had worried a bit about this as my 18-year-old son loves Coke and I was concerned that he drinks too much.

However my fears were laid to rest after using the Coca-Cola online caffeine calculator and learning that caffeine-wise he was better off drinking Coca-Cola than filter coffee, tea or eating a bar of plain chocolate! Did you realise that "healthy" green tea contains more caffeine than "full-fat" red-can Coke? I certainly didn't!

madmumof7 & DS#2- huge fans of Coca-Cola
The "work it out" caffeine calculator is brilliant for anyone worried about caffeine intake like pregnant women or parents and just interesting for people not worried but curious! As well as totting up your daily intake you can learn more about what caffeine is used for and how it affects hydration and athletic performance. There are lots of FAQs and examples of completely caffeine free Coca-Cola drinks in case you'd prefer to avoid it altogether!

You might be surprised to learn that this is not in fact a sponsored post. I got chatting to a  representative of Coca-Cola at Britmums Live this year and after mentioning my teen son's love of the product she offered to send me information to put my mind at rest about the caffeine intake side of his consumption.  I have shared this information in the genuine belief it might reassure other people too!


  1. As a coke lover my self and 6 kids who all love it it is refreshing to hear that the caffeine in their treat isn't such an issue. Great awareness post Afra

  2. Thank you.It is reassuring isn't it to be able to know for sure. I told my teenager and it turned out he'd already used the caffeine checker. Sensible boy!

  3. I'm always cautious of claims that there is less caffeine in a product compared to another. This stretches back to hearing claims that tea has more caffeine than coffee, which is technically true of the initial product but not once you get to your actual cups of drinks.

    I think as long as you enjoy your drinks in moderation, it's fine. As for Coke, I'd be more worried about the sugar or flavourings being consumed in vast quantities than the caffeine. *wobbles off to Costa for his latte fix*

    1. I agree about the drinks in moderation - I would add cake, sweets and generally all treats to that. Thanks for your input Danny.

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  5. I am definitely of the mentality 'everything in moderation'. Having been sponsored by Coca Cola this year at Britmums Live, and being an avid Diet Coke fan, I was intrigued to find out the statistics. Quite interesting reading.

    1. Its funny isn't it how somehow knowing the statistics can make you feel more at ease. Lots of people have this guilt over Coke but hopefully this post will reassure them. I have always loved Coca Cola but I am a devout Zero girl! Although people are always telling me its aimed at men? Ah well.


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