H is for Husband

Meet the husband - Ray.
 H is for husband - or DH as he is known on this blog. Married me 23 years ago not really understanding what he was letting himself in for.

Luckily he is not only a kind and lovely man, he is endlessly tolerant of my nonsense and in fact delights in the fact that he never quite knows what I will have been up to while he has been at work.

I have bought cars, booked holidays, painted rooms (badly) moved furniture, organised impromptu parties and am generally a bit of a nightmare for being spontaneous and impulsive and maybe a bit reckless?

He has calmly accepted my quirks and foibles, has loved me from size 6-20 and back again (currently settled in the middle zone) and never complains when I inform him that for such and such event he will be required to dress up, look stupid and let me not only take photos but publish them on the internet.

He indulged me with our 20th wedding anniversary party- a small "do" which turned into a full scale repeat wedding eclipsing his 50th birthday celebrations.

Our 20th wedding celebration
He always supports me in whatever new project I attempt and with blogging in particular has been immensely encouraging, reading my posts (even the ones about lightbulbs) and cheering me on when the going gets tough.

He even drove me down to Britmums Live when my Fibromyalgia flared and wandered the streets of London while I partied at The Brewery with my friends. And then stoically carried all my bags all the way back to the car-park without (much) complaining.

We work as a great team and parent our 7 children together conferring on strategy when  the normal family hiccups occur. He works as hard as a man can work - too hard for a man of his age in the industry he is in so I am able to raise our family from home as we both wished.
with our eldest - who is scarily like him!

My dream is that one day in the not too distant future this blogging lark will pay enough for him to retire and we can spend even more time together. Because thats the best thing - even though we have been together for decades I still can't wait for him to come home from work every day.

Don't get me wrong - we have our rows and sometimes he frustrates and irritates me - mainly when he nods and says yes dear when I know he is not really listening to me. But frankly if tables were turned and I was him, I'd tune me out sometimes too!

So this one's for you Dear Husband. H is for husband and I love mine very much!

French murder mystery night...

last night on the Titanic party...

and yet more fancy dress-Costa Del Sol dinner

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