L is for Landlubber - The Alphabet Photography Project

view of Orford Quay suffolk from small boat

I have written about my weekend away in Orford, Suffolk a few times this week so I apologise that this is yet another picture from this trip but it really was an amazing break with some lovely friends.

So I chose to use L as landlubber as we spent most of the weekend doing boaty things and I realised that I am a total landlubber! My friend has been involved in sailing most of her life and she made sure we were safe at all times but I was still glad of my life jacket as I was convinced I was going to fall in the water at some point.

The picture is the view from the little boat we used to head to a beach on the Spit just across from Orford Quay, and to get to another larger boat where we had a fabulous picnic.

I am very proud to report I actually didn't go overboard at any time (well, not in an actual physical sense. I tend to go a bit overboard generally in life). I even managed to stay dry when I had to transfer from the little rowing boat onto the bigger boat with sails.

I am not going to share the pictures of me in a lifejacket - I did consider L is for lifejacket but I am already quite chunky in the midriff area (midriff - that sounds like a sailing term - hoist the midriff!) and I was dismayed to realise the lifejacket did not help me look any more slender or elegant. And it was orange which is not a good colour for my skin tone.

Yep - like I said. L is for landlubber.