Movie review of "The House of Magic" - a film for all the family.

I am a cynical old bat and when you hear about movies being released just in time for the holidays I tend to think that they know desperate parents will take their bored offspring to see almost any film at the cinema to kill a couple of hours - especially when rain is forecast.

I was prepared to be disappointed by The House of Magic which was advertised with the line "One little cat. One Magical Adventure." Hmm. Talking animals and a tenuous storyline propped up by 3D wizardry?

The trailer was promising but back to being a cynical bat I have seen  trailers which pick the best out of the film leaving absolutely nothing of merit to enjoy in the full feature but I was not at all disappointed and throughly enjoyed the bouncy tale of Thunder the abandoned kitty who finds shelter in a spooky old house filled with magical characters and ends up having to help save his new friends from......well you'll have to see the film to find out what!( Check out the trailer below for a taster)

I saw the film in 3D and was impressed with the use of the technology - not sure if the fast and exciting action and chase scenes would work quite so well if you choose to see it in 2D but luckily the storyline is good enough to keep you absorbed anyway.

Having said that my five year old did lose interest in the story about halfway through but my 8, 9  and 13 year old children sat transfixed wondering what was to became of the occupants of the magical house.
The House of Magic movie
My youngest four posing with Thunder thanks to some clever photo trickery!

The script is written well enough for you to care about the situation and we were all rooting for the goodie and laughing at some of the eccentric characters popping up throughout.

Younger children of a (very) nervous disposition might not be too sure about some of the scenes - having said that my youngest (5) was not at all scared or startled at any point.

The House of Magic is due for release in UK cinemas on July 25 in 2D and 3D.

Disclaimer: Madmumof7 and family attended a free preview showing of The House of Magic for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and our own.