On Location with Elizabeth Hurley

You may recall last week we had lots of fun shepherding sheep from one field to another in our village so that Elizabeth Hurley could wander amongst them for a new TV show called The Royals about a fictional Royal family.

madmumof7 shepherding
The day of filming arrived and lots of curious residents suddenly found they desperately needed something from the village shop, or that the dog walking route needed to go past the large film crew which had set up in the village centre.

I have lived here over 20 years and am well used to filming here - our village is both picturesque and very close to London on major transport routes so its a top choice for location managers.

But even I was a bit curious so was delighted when my friend who owns the field the sheep had been moved to invited me up for a well-timed cuppa!

We stood in her garden next to the field with our tea and chortled as we watched the director try and direct the sheep. He instructed someone to put cash in a bucket and shake it - whether it as a financial incentive or whether he thought it might sound like sheep food we aren't sure but the sheep ignored it.

The Royals -Liz Hurley on location in Hertfordshire

Our mirth was spotted and the director asked:"Are you with the sheep?"

With them? What, like their entourage or something? To my surprise my friend said yes and the next thing we knew we had been roped in for more sheep herding duties, this time watched by a large crowd of production folk, actors, extras and bystanders. Oh, and Liz Hurley. You can just about spot her in the picture below wearing a red dress.

Up and down the field we coaxed the sheep. Director man wanted them to amble on cue past Liz as she spoke her lines - preferably in the same place. He obviously hasn't spent much time observing sheep. We had to do all of this quietly and while staying out of shot.

Elizabeth Hurley filming new TV show The Royals
And then he wanted us to move them away from the filming and asked if we could keep them quiet. Errm. No. They are sheep. Slightly pissed off sheep who are fed up of being moved from their grazing to "act" around a thin lady pretending to be a Queen.

Anyway, an hour later, hot and sweaty with nettle rash and with sheep poop coated legs and ruined sandals our services were no longer required. We got a thank you, a smile at my suggestion we had earned animal wrangling fees and a complete blank from Ms Hurley who didn't even glance our way as she sailed regally past. Still in character or too snooty for her own good? We will never know!

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  1. I wish our days at the farm herding sheep was accompanied by film crews and famous actresses, sounds like you enjoyed your day even if Ms Hurley didn't acknowledge you. Dropping in from Magic Moments.

    1. Thanks - I think your herding skills probably better than mine!

  2. This is a great post and does sound like a really exciting day. I bet you sheep were better actors than Liz Hurley too.


    1. It was lots of fun! Kids were far more interested in the sheep too

  3. This is like proper exciting! I am such a celeb lover and also wow you live in such a beautiful area! No Liz Hurleys walking around Birmingham!!! xxx

    1. It is lovely but you can't get Klondikes/scallops here and the chip shops shut at 9. I miss the hustle and bustle of the Midlands sometimes (though always glad to come home when I've visited)

  4. Ha ha, this made me laugh. Bit rude of them not to pay you something or at least be a bit more appreciative. But a good story to bring out at parties! #magicmoments

  5. RIght-at least Liz could have offered you a pair of her Laboutin sandals to replace yours!

  6. Also,why not ask a Border Collie to help?!

  7. Also,why not ask a Border Collie to help?!

  8. That's a pretty random day! In a past life I worked on a farm that had Highland Cattle...even though I was the accountant if they got out we would all be sent into the fields to try to herd them back...plenty of ruined shoes!! #whatsthestory

  9. Brilliant post Afra! I love that comment "are you with the sheep". Priceless. Sounds like it was good fun, what a great tale to tell #whatsthestory


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