UV beachwear- not just for toddlers!

When I was a child suncream was virtually unheard of, burning skin was a rite of passage and beachwear consisted of either towelling shorts or possibly a nylon dress. It was the 70s to be fair!

Hats are a must in summer!
Now we know better and I buy factor 30 and 50 for the children, insist on brimmed hats even for the short walk to school and look for a good SPF in my moisturiser even in winter.

My younger children all owned UV swimsuits and I always thought they looked really cute - like mini Victorians in their all in one knee-length cossies!

But I'll admit once we get past about 5 or six we didn't buy bigger sizes for the children - to be honest I wasn't aware you could get them and even though they are mostly quite slender and short and probably could fit into Fifi and the Flower Tots branded suits or Thomas the Tank items I would not be so cruel!

It was great to hear that in fact there is very cool UV clothing available - right up to adult sizes! I am a fan of the surfer dude look and much of the clothing available in bigger sizes from The Beach Factory is in that style.

Think of all the big surfer names and you will find them here. There are some lovely colour choices and styles and my 9-year-old had absolutely no problem slipping on the Animal boys UV shirt  in a lovely indigo colour. (the shirt is in the site's sale if you are quick!)
animal boys UV shirt

The shirt is made of a comfortable quick-drying fabric and has a half-zip at the back to make it easier to get on and off, especially when it and the child wearing it are wet. It has a slightly higher neck than many swim shirts  and is tested up to a standard of UPF50+ so is ideal for particularly pale-skinned children like my son who freckles and has a hint of ginger in his hair.

It's great for the beach but looks equally cool teamed with shorts for a day out in the sun at a carnival, theme park, in the park or anywhere else where they might get caught by the sun.

The Beach Factory obviously also does girl's designs in the swim shirt, along with the more familiar one-piece suits, UV hats, UV tents (one of my best buys when mine were babies and they are still using it as a play tent and beach changing room now!) sun creams, beach shoes, adult beach wear, swim accessories.... too many things to list just go and have a peek!

Whatever it is you need for your summer holiday in the UK or abroad you are sure to find it on this amazing website.

I'm quite taken with the Roxy Womens Elemental black capped sleeve T-shirt - in my head I would look like a trendy surf-chick in it teamed with my little denim shorts. In reality I might look more like a blubbery sealion but at least I would not have to worry about sun-burned shoulders ever again!

Disclaimer: I was sent an Animal boys rash UV shirt free for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain my own.