What would you like to do for the #first time?

Let your imagination run away- pretend that anything is possible. For some people it's easy - they'd like to skydive, swim with dolphins, perform on a famous stage.

I found it quite difficult to decide - I hate heights, not keen on deep water and I'm a bit afraid of most living things apart from cats. And I include humans in that sweeping list of living things I'm scared of.

And why am I asking myself anyway? Well Vodaphone having an altruistic moment are  running a campaign to help people all over the world make their dreams come true.

So far they have helped a little boy from the Czech Republic launch a very big rocket, A German electronic music act create a mobile phone orchestra, and helped rescue a 1000-year-old language where the only two surviving speakers of it live in Mexico.

Most recently they enabled keen and talented young footballers from Ghana take part in their first international football tournament in London.

Watching the film I was teary, not only at the enthusiasm of the players but the dedication of their elderly coach and the happiness emanating from the absorbed faces of those watching the tournament back in Ghana on a "big screen" (bed sheet!) thanks to the technical expertise of Vodafone engineers.

And the follow up clips of the players touring London on an open top bus (below) could cheer you up out of the darkest mood. Joy. It's the only word for it. I felt joy that these children got to experience something so very, very different to their home lives. It was heartwarming to see the reception they got from the young British players too.

So, I ask again. What would YOU do for the first time? Head to the Vodafone #FIRST website and tell them. You never know, your dream might come true!

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