O is for Ocean- The Alphabet Photography Project

Well. It's actually sea but let's pretend eh? 

Picture taken on the beach next to the Hover Travel hovercraft terminal in Portsmouth where we whiled away some time skimming stones before watching the hovercraft zoom in - I never tire of that!

You can just about see the Isle of Wight on the horizon. Was hoping to take Grumpy on the hovercraft for his birthday next week but as always a family ticket (although good value at £45 for two adults and up to 3 children) obviously does not cover OUR family and buying extra tickets starts to make it a very generous birthday treat so we might have to settle for watching it come in and out when we visit big Bro in the city next week.

Sadly Grumpy's birthday is just too late for us to try out Portsmouth's Park and Sail service which looks like great value at £6 to park all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays and includes  a 25 minute boat trip with commentary to the marvellous Gunwharf Quays complex for up to 8 people! Bargain! But the service apparently ends on August 25. *sad face*.

I've been told there are other ferry services in the area including the Gosport ferry service which I gather runs until at least September.

Now where did I put my stripy "nautical" T-shirt.......

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