When I grow up #IWantToBe......

When I was 8 I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be an American Medical Examiner. Well. I specifically wanted to be Quincy M.E from the TV show and the fact that I was 8, female, British and possibly most importantly, really quite squeamish, didn't deter me from being very enthusiastic about my future career for as long as the series I was watching was on air.

TV Guide #1298
TV Guide #1298
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My second choice of career was journalism. I always wanted to be a writer really, apart from my brief deluded love affair with the idea of cutting up bodies and investigating strange deaths. There were always bits of paper lying around the house where I had written things and I wish I knew what I did with my first "newspapers" - I'm sure they'd make hilarious reading now.

My father was a journalist and I loved going out with him and spending time in the office. So it was no surprise that I followed his footsteps and worked in print journalism for years before I had so many children childcare costs significantly outweighed earnings.

And as this blog attests I have continued to write. OK my work is not going to ever win the Booker Prize but that's OK as all I aim to do really is educate, entertain and earn enough money so I don't have to get a proper job. 

If I had to guess I would imagine my 8 -year-old daughter would want to train unicorns. And maybe do a bit of cupcake testing on the side. I've never actually asked her before so off I went to do just that.
She said: "Hmmm.  I don't know." When prompted to think about it for a few minutes she said:"I'm not sure. Maybe an artist or a hairdresser because I love art and I like playing with my hair."

Well I'm quite glad that at 8 she is not too worried about what she will do when she grows up - she's got a lot of childhood to get through before she worries about her career! But what I really like is her idea that you should probably aim whenever possible to find a job incorporating something you enjoy.  There's a saying - choose something you enjoy and you'll never work a day in your life.

I only started to get that when I started blogging and broadcasting. Although I enjoyed journalism it still sometimes felt like a chore- the commute, the boring bits of the job, the office politics. Now I work for myself, write about stuff I am genuinely interested in, and have my own radio show where people actually tune in to listen to me ramble on chat. I love my jobs! 

The magazine, Blossom (aimed at girls aged 5-8)  features a different aspirational career in every issue to show girls they can be whoever they want to be - whether it's an airline pilot, an author or a doctor.  Fantastic stuff and just what I have always said to all of my children. Although it would be nice if at least a couple of them could choose a high income career so my care home has a nice view and heating.

Anyway.  This week Blossom (which aims to support the Early Years Curriculum and dubs itself "the magazine for girls who love to learn") launched a brilliant competition called the  #IWantToBe campaign. 

To enter the competition young readers are asked to submit a video entry of what they want to be when they grow up. They could dress up or use props, demonstrate their dancing, acting or singing abilities or just chat to camera.
Entrants have until 6th September to submit their video to  hello@blossommagazine.co.uk and one winner will be selected to win a VIP London family trip which includes one family ticket to ZSL London with a Meet the Meerkats experience; one Rainforest CafĂ© voucher worth £100; overnight accommodation in one family room at 3-star hotel, in Central London and a visit to Blossom HQ plus a Blossom Goody Bag. Fab prize- Maybe it will inspire the winner to become a zoo-keeper, hotelier or a magazine editor!

Disclaimer: I received an annual magazine subscription for promoting this competition. Full details of the competition and Terms and conditions are listed in full in the current edition of the magazine which is available in shops now. Please read T&Cs carefully as they give details of what exactly is included in the prize and who is eligible to enter. Madmumof7 accepts no responsibility for any aspect of the Blossom competition.

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