A2 milk- A different kind of milk = no more funny tummy for my son.

Now let me get this straight -my 19-year-old son is not allergic to milk or any part of it. He is intolerant by which I mean drinking even a small amount of milk upsets his stomach badly.

I don't remember this being an issue when he was a small child but he told me as he got older the problem seemed to get worse. It took quite a while for him to work out that it linked to his morning cereal and milk breakfast and unfortunately he cut milk out of his diet altogether, not keen on even trying soya or goats milk or any of the other options available. He just ate toast instead! Teenagers!

Earlier this year I attended Britmums Live and after chatting to the lovely ladies on the A2 stand realised that their product might be perfect for him. It's normal fresh cows milk with only one tiny difference.

Heres the science bit from the A2 website:

a2 Milk is 100% natural fresh cows’ milk which you may find easier to digest than regular cows’ milk, here’s why.
Cows’ milk contains different types of protein – including ones called A1 and A2. These two proteins digest quite differently from each other and, for some people, the presence of A1 protein can result in discomfort after drinking milk. It was thanks to Dr Corran Mclachlan back in 1997 in New Zealand that the impact of this difference in proteins was discovered and the a2 Milk Company was born.

Ok so that actually sounds too simple to be true. The company just uses A2 cows and produces milk that could bring the joy of drinking milk back to you if you normally avoid it because it causes digestive problems, bloating, or indigestion. You might have thought your were lactose intolerant when in fact you are A1 intolerant.

Thinking about it I realised that I suffer from bloating after drinking milk so I went out and picked up a weeks worth of A2 milk hoping we would at least start to notice a difference.

My son was skeptical and avoided it for the first couple of days as his intolerance was so bad that he knew if it didn't work he would need the loo urgently and he had made plans with friends. He rightly didn't want to be caught out and embarrassed.

But on day 3 he drank a whole glassful, in the manner of one drinking poison and sat back and waited for it to affect him in the usual way. 

Time ticked on. He braved a trip out and when he came back I asked how he had been and he informed me he was absolutely fine with no horrible reaction at all! Hurrah!

The whole family enjoyed the milk - my children asked me to permanently swap over as they said it tasted nicer and had a lovely creamy texture. It seems the local people of Tring agree as it gets snapped up as soon as it hits the fridges in our local supermarket!

I found it didn't make me bloat up and also like the creamier texture - event the semi skimmed tasted rich and it worked just like normal milk for cooking, milkshakes, in tea etc.

It really did live up to its promises for us and I would definitely recommend giving it a go. We found we had instant results but A2 advice trying it out for 2 weeks to be sure.

My only complaint is at the moment you can only buy A2 in 2 litre bottles - we get through a huge amount of milk in our house so would love to see them bring out bigger bottles. And my (now student) son would like litre bottles to be made available please!

You don't have to just take my word for it - there are lots of stories on the A2 website about how this product has brought back the joy and health benefits of drinking milk to lots of people. It's heartwarming to read about how just this small change to something in your shopping basket can make such an enormous difference to your health and well-being. Hurrah for A2 cows!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but views and opinions remain honest and my own.