Codebreaker -The Black and white Photography Project

This was taken in 1941......No not really. 

We visited Bletchley Park, known in the war as Station X in Bedfordshire, a few weeks ago. The home of the famous code breaking Enigma machine and the almost anonymous code breakers  Recruited through crossword puzzles in The Daily Telegraph and to this day no-one knows exactly how many people worked there.

I visited with my 8 and 9 year old children (as guests of McAfee and Bletchley Park) and they had a wonderful time exploring the park, admiring the exhibits and playing and learning on the many interactive gadgets including this one pictured.

It was styled as an old radio and they had to "intercept" a signal from the enemy which was sent in morse code, then break the code to discover the secret message.

I thought in black and white this picture looked very authentically wartime and quite atmospheric. Brownie points to anyone who knows their morse code and can work out the message from the screen!

This post is linked to The Black And White Photography Project run by the lovely Charly from PODcast .