Flintoff by Jacamo - menswear review

My husband used to have a slightly dodgy taste in clothes. Let's be diplomatic and say in the style of Cheryl Cole, they were not my cup of tea. I had a few washing machine and dryer accidents when we first married and oddly the shredding, shrinking episodes always seemed to happen when his clothes were in there.

madmumof7.com's DH in B&W
 My husband
Actually the first time I met him he was looking very smart as he was working with a big PR company with hot air balloons either bearing brand names or even in special shapes. Crew uniform was a simple white polo shirt and navy chinos which DH teamed with  brown leather deck shoes.  Add windswept hair and the whole ensemble made him look very "yacht captain" and I fell for him there and then.

The first time he visited me in "civvies" was less inspiring - he was wearing light grey jumbo cord trousers with turn ups and what we call in our house a "No Dad" jumper. As in "No Dad - don't wear that horrific jumper." It was many shades of beige with zigzags. *shudders*

Luckily his taste has improved since he met me (co-incidence? I think not!) and despite occasional stubborn moments (I won't mention the great honeymoon swimming trunks debacle of 1992)  he started to learn to love wearing the items I chose for him.

Now in his 50's he is practically a full-time fashionista and I'm sure he spends more time and money choosing new clothes than me!

label from Flintoff collection at jacamoHe really enjoyed a recent browsing session through the Jacamo menswear clothing website paying particular interest to the range by famous cricketer Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff.

The collection has been created around Freddie’s concept of clothes needing to be comfortable and look stylish.  Each item comes in size M-5XL and none of it is priced to break the bank.

My other half was particularly taken with the shorts in the "Flintoff" range but ended up choosing a lovely military jacket which would look equally good with a smart outfit for a night out as dressed down with jeans and trainers for a Saturday shopping trip.

navy military jacket from Flintoff by JacamoHe is normally a huge fan of anything brown but for a change chose a smart navy colour. When the jacket arrived we were amazed at the softness and quality - and I loved the collar with  a thin corduroy lining and buckle strap which fits right in with the current military-esque trend. He liked the many pockets into which he can cram "man stuff."

He's actually looking forward to the weather cooling off so he can wear it out - that's if our 19-year-old (who is normally very dismissive of his dad's choice in clothes) doesn't whisk it away when he leaves for Uni this weekend as he took quite a shine to it. It  certainly would keep him warm and stop those sea breezes in Southampton biting!

Disclaimer:We were sent this lovely jacket by Jacamo for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.