Great British Bouquets- part of the Summer #moonpigcollection

My husband is not renowned for his romantic side. His idea of how to show me he loves me tends to lean more towards shelf building and door painting rather than gifts of jewellery and flowers.

Which is a shame because I absolutely love having flowers in the house, even when it isn't a special occasion. I always notice them in other people's houses and believe a beautiful bouquet in the entrance hall really make your home feel cared for and welcoming.

I occasionally get a bunch of blooms from him from the local supermarket, and very, very occasionally a Valentine's Day, birthday or anniversary delivery - although he spectacularly failed to ever bring me flowers to the hospital after every one of our 7 children were born.

When I had DS#1 I fully expected flowers.  After all I had endured 24 hours of pain and a CS section in order to bring his son and heir into the world. Everyone else was drowning in arrangements complete with blue and/or pink teddies, booties, trains whatever.

My beautiful flowers from the Summer #moonpigcollection
My Mum and Gran sent an arrangement and when DH turned up at visiting time I was somewhat surprised to see him only clutching a plastic bag with clean undies and giant sanitary pads in. No flowers. Next day? No flowers.

Finally he turned up almost hidden behind a huge bouquet and the other women on the ward cheered, only for him to proclaim (somewhat defensively I felt) "They aren't from me!"

No, they were from the lads at his firm who had clubbed together to pay for a floral display for me!

Nowadays I tend to treat myself to flowers - kinder to my belly fat than chocolate! He generally doesn't even notice them but when I was sent flowers from the  Summer Collection from even he commented on how sumptuous the bouquet was.

They arrived on my son's 6th birthday - a fitting time I felt since the birthday child always gets presents and the poor woman who actually gave birth gets nothing but extra hassle arranging cake and parties and stuff. There was even a beautiful card wishing me a "Happy Giving Birth-day."

I was delighted with them - so delighted I proudly did the blogger thing of photographing them and pushing them out on Twitter, Instagram etc only for someone from Moonpig to say they weren't happy with the quality of one of the flowers- a sunflower -and would replace them!

Which they did with another lovely bouquet which was different but equally beautiful.

Both arrangements came well packaged in a sturdy cardboard travelling box, well marked to make sure it stayed the right way up. The day the first one was delivered it was mind bogglingly hot so I wonder if that's maybe why the sunflower didn't quite meet Moonpigs' standards.

I tweeted that Moonpig's customer service seemed spot on and received tweets from other people, non-bloggers, telling me that they had also received great customer service. Well done!

The August Bouquet from the #moonpigcollection - Summer
There is a huge range of flowers and arrangement styles to choose from at including choices containing only British flowers, Fairtrade flowers and contemporary and traditional styles starting at around £25.

You get free next day delivery on flowers ordered by 2pm Monday to Thursday and a free card with all flowers and plants. Did you hear that Dear? Card and flowers equals happy wife! (The same message goes out to my older children who might happen to be reading this!)

Anyway, moving swiftly on - check out the website- there's bound to be an arrangement for the one you love!
British Sunshine Jug from Summer #moonpigcollection
British Gladioli and snapdragon

Disclaimer: I received flowers free from for the purposes of this honest review. Views and opinions and remain my own.