We took the Modern Family video Challenge

We are huge fans of Modern Family, the US comedy featuring the trials and tribulations of a modern family - it's one of those rare programs that the whole family enjoys together.

The show follows the lives, trials and tribulations of the Pritchett-Dunphy clan, 3 different but related families and often features the members speaking direct to camera as if they are making a video diary.
Modern Family

We have watched Lily grow up, celebrated the birth of Gloria's baby, laughed at Phil's tragic attempts to be cool and I personally have identified rather too much with Claire Dunphy, a busy Mom who tries to hide her crazy under a veneer of respectable parenthood- except I'm in rural England and she's in suburban LA. Both crazy though.

My Family (a few years ago!)
The multi award-winning show was launched in 2009 and on September 15 fans will be able to buy series 5 on DVD and Blu-Ray PLUS the box-set of series 1-5 on DVD and Blu-Ray. Time to order in giant quantities of popcorn I think! The series 5 DVD/Blu-Ray  features extra hilarious content including deleted and extra scenes, a gag reel and location-based featurettes. Oh, and the wedding of the year!

I was challenged to make my own Modern Family style video diary- which turned out to be harder than you'd think. Apart from camera-shy teens and members of my family who stopped doing the cute/funny/interesting thing as soon as I lifted my phone to film it, I also found that most of the time I was too busy living life to video it!

Anyway, here it is for your entertainment. Along with a clip of the the real Modern Family from series 5.

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