Happy Harvest

This weekend was my church's Harvest Festival followed by a harvest lunch.  The previous day had been, excuse the pun, Biblically wet. It poured and poured and I really thought we had seen the end of summer.

And then on Sunday the sun came out so we decided to take a chance and move our feast outside not sunshine which was not only bright but warm too!

We all brought food -I brought my traditional harvest offering of crisps plus a slightly more autumnal offering of road butternut squash and yellow pepper soup. Hand over the smug mother points now please.

It was a particularly special service as it was to be DS#3's final appearance as a chorister - a new weeknight job means he's no longer able to attend choir practice. You can see him with DD#1 in the picture wearing their informal choir hoodies (with choir name removed for privacy reasons). Two more of my children also sing in the choir - my eldest two did too when they were younger and I expect Grumpy will join next year. Just call us the Von Trapps.....

They do wear the traditional chorister's robes complete with neck ruffs and surplices on most festival days but since we started our service on Sunday in our village orchard and it was still quite wet underfoot we thought their hoodies (which they normally wear for Worship for All services and things like our carol singing trips) were a better choice!

Harvest Festival also happened to be choir award day and I was very proud that the whole family (including me) was awarded a trophy for "going the extra mile" and then to top it off DS#3, DS#4 and DD#1 all were presented with Royal School of  Choir Music (RSCM) awards after working hard to achieve success in their  first "voice for life" level. Cue proud (and a bit teary) mum.

We all had a wonderful day, DH and I eating and chatting with our friends and the children eating then racing around the churchyard with their friends enjoying what turned out to be the last of the sunshine!

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