Magic moments at Tots100's Blog Camp, Birmingham #bcuk #magicmoments

It's been hard to find any magic moments in my week to be honest but Saturday stood out as a beacon of fun and laughter in the middle of a bit of a bleak period of my life and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed to that.

Sally Whittle Tots100 FleaEntsSo:


To Sally and her team for an interesting, informative, laid-back, FREE event.

 I learned lots, have already tinkered with my YouTube channel and made a welcome video - yes I know it still needs work but at least I filmed myself in landscape! I'd love you forever if you'd subscribe by the way....

Thankyou to the bloggers who smiled and waved and hugged and chatted and laughed with me. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces including some I count now as real world friends. And lovely to meet new people which you always do at these events!

Blog Camp always seems more relaxed than many other events so it was easy to mingle, even over two floors. Lunch was a delight- fabulous food and plenty of chat though we did note that this time there was no access to alcohol! Probably a wise move!

lunch at #bcuk
And thanks to the people running workshops (including some amazing photography sessions) and giving talks and being on panels - they had all given up their time for no payment for this free event, (only cost me £16 return from Tring from Hertfordshire on the train!)

I had fun flinging icing sugar at cupcakes while snapping, laughing at Sally's irreverent style during her YouTube talk, and watching the portrait photography class taking selfies using masks, bubbles and other props.

I was inspired talking to some of the countries most successful pro-bloggers and delighted to have the chance to chat to some lovely PR people and ask them about their biggest no-no's and top tips for doing business with them.

#bcuk panelUnsurprisingly their top tips were simple - be reliable, be honest, be on time and communicate with them if you can't meet a deadline or attend an event. Simples!

My children who as blogger's children predictably gather round for goodies as soon as mummy walks through the door, were delighted with the Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk cuddly cows I had been given and with the cookies from the lovely Showroom lady which *may* have fallen into my bag.

Altogether it was a lovely day so if you missed out, make sure you follow +Tots100 and watch out for the notification of the next event - be quick - tickets go very fast!

cupcakes and a cow #bcuk