Match and More the new loyalty card from Morrisons

I am incredibly disloyal.Yup - absolutely no loyalty here.

I am talking about in a shopping rather than a personal sense - I hope my friends would tell you I am actually very loyal. Unless you properly annoy me. Then I am a force to be reckoned with - but that's a whole other blog post!

I have a purse full of loyalty cards for supermarkets, petrol stations, a nail bar, hairdressers, coffee bars.....but not through anything other than a desire to save every last penny. "Save the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" someone far more sensible than me once said.

And not even a loyalty card is enough to drag me away from the budget supermarkets normally - I delight in how much I can save compared to the big supermarkets, apart from the fact that I end up having to visit one of said big stores generally because those little ones just don't have the range.

But I think the clever people at Morrisons have solved my dilemma.

Morrisons Match and More cardThey have just introduced the "Match and More" card which not only prices matches to the big boys- Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's but also to the rising starts Aldi and Lidl.

So how does it work? Well Morrisons employs an agency to price match all of the above WEEKLY!  Brands or own brands, Morrisons will find an equivalent and if they are cheaper elsewhere, they will match the price and the difference will be converted into points and saved on your new "match and More" loyalty card.

So: 1p difference = 100 points, £1 difference = 1000 points etc. Collected 5000 points? Thats a crisp £5 voucher off your shopping in Morrisons.

All you have to do is spend £15 minimum and have at least one comparable item in your basket. To be honest even if I have only popped in for a loaf of bread I always seem to spend £15 on "shiny things" anyway.

Unlike other similar schemes the voucher is valid not for  a few days or weeks but 52 weeks. And you can save your vouchers up over the year - through a clever iOS or android app or via the website you will be easily able to keep track of how long your vouchers are valid to as well as how many points you have collected and how many you need for your next discount voucher.

You can collect them at the till or use them online - you can choose when you set up your account online.
fish counter at Morrisons

As well as collecting points through price matching shoppers can also watch out for special offers inshore - during a recent shop I collected 500 points just on one item( a 9-pack of branded toilet rolls which were very competitively priced anyway - double joy!)

I did a weekly shop in Morrisons last week. Usual groceries plus a few Christmas presents (fab toys at £5 each or 2 for £8) then put petrol in my car - a total of £150  - and earned 2340 points! So if I carried that on I could easily earn  £5-10 worth of money off vouchers each month - saved up they would be handy at Christmas or to fund a big summer BBQ!

As an aside while I was in the store I was particularly impressed with the butcher who happily browsed the meat chiller and helped me choose a gorgeous lamb joint which he had taken the bone out of and trussed with string for easy roasting and carving which fed 5 adults and two children for £8.47!!!

The vegetables looked farm-shop fresh too and as always I was mesmerised by the gadget with billowing clouds keeping the herbs in top-notch condition.
morrisons herbs

 With Morrisons rolling out delivery in more and more areas of the country this new card is the cherry on the icing on top of a very tasty cake. I am slightly gutted that my nearest store is about 12 miles away but then so is my nearest Aldi and Lidl and Morrisons has a cafe so I can treat myself to a drink and a treat or even a meal after shopping.

And if the lamb we had at the weekend is anything to go by Morrisons can certainly match (and more) when it comes to quality as well as prices!

Morrisons Vegetables

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to do my weekly shop for free (to the value of £80) to experience using the Match and More card. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.