cupcake with birthday candle and falling icing sugar

No it's not my birthday. Or anyone else's in my house. This picture is the result of a food photography workshop at Tots 100's Blogcamp  (#bcuk) in Birmingham this weekend.

We decorated the cakes then played around with props, techniques, angles, lighting and reflecting light. We hurled icing sugar and tinkered with exposures. It was LOTS of fun!



  1. Ah thank you for the explanation, now I know why I am seeing all these lovely cakes! Wish I had been there too

    1. You should try and make it next time - was really useful! Am now fiddling yet again with my blog trying to implement lots of new ideas! #bcuk

  2. Ah so that's where all the cakes have come from

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Replies
    1. It tasted good too but I ended up covered in icing sugar trying to sprinkle and photograph at the same time

  4. Awww I wish I attended! So many things to learn! This styling is so awesome =) #mysundayphoto


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