A Free Half Term Treat in the Cotswolds

I am very lucky to have a friend with a lovely cottage in the Cotswolds so occasionally we are able to have a mini-break. It's big enough to sleep even my larger than usual family and has enough chairs for us to all sit down to eat together too!

The cottage was free during half term so I asked my friend if we could have a one night sleepover there. Daddy had to work but luckily DS#1 and his girlfriend (FDIL) managed to wangle some time off to come with us. It made the thought of herding five children around a busy tourist area in half term much more attractive!

madmumof7's family at Bourton-On-The-Water

My children are creatures of habit so when I told them we were going to the cottage, the first thing they asked was if they could paddle in the shallow water at Bourton-on-the-Water- again! Since this activity is free I was happy to agree - any excuse to visit this lovely town in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds!

I did think it might be a bit chilly but we were blessed with a gorgeous day with very mild temperatures. It all looked good as the children changed into waterproof clogs or wellies (I left the choice up to them) and they excitedly stepped into the water.


child paddling in cold water

Colder than they expected! Still they are a hardy bunch and supervised by FDIL (Future Daughter-in-law) they meandered up the river to the centre of town where lots of excited foreign tourists took pictures of the mad English children paddling in the icy cold water surrounded by curious ducks.

paddling in the river at Bourton-in-the-Water, Cotswolds

Reaching the centre of town I insisted they exit the water (bright red feet a bit of a giveaway as to exactly how cold it was despite their protests that they were fine) and towelled them off.

Their big brother announced that he would treat them to sweets in the nearby Old Fashioned Sweet Shop and after choosing what to have in their little paper bags (which only took about half an hour much to the disgust of the poor lady serving us) we had a wander round the shops then we headed back to the cottage for tea.

 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg