A very clever gadget from Heston Blumenthal -The Sage Tea Maker

I like tea. I drink a lot of tea. I'm an Anglican Christian- we are known for our habit of serving tea at all our events. More tea vicar? Well now I have the Sage Tea Maker in my kitchen the vicar can have as much tea as she likes just so I can use this nifty gadget!

So it looks like a posh kettle. And in fact you can use it to boil water at a variety of temperatures to make the perfect beverage. But it's real skill is in making the perfect cup of tea, no matter what blend or variety you favour.

Builders brew, fresh mint picked from your garden, oolong, herbal....You just spoon or cram the leaves into the tea basket, push some simple easy to understand buttons and stand back and watch it do its thing.

My children adore watching the tea basket descend into the bubbling water then rise again after brewing the tea. They'll abandon TV, gaming and even food to jostle for their turn to make mummy a pot of tea. And when the tea is made you can instruct the Tea Maker to keep the rest of the new warm without stewing it. Marvellous!

I know you are dying to watch the Tea Maker in action. Luckily I made a YouTube video to show you just how clever and simple it is. (folks on mobile devices might need to click HERE)

The Sage Teamaker is available from a number of outlets including Lakeland and John Lewis in the UK. Price in both those stores when I checked in November 2014 was £169.

I received a free Sage Tea Maker worth £169 for the purpose of this honest review. Views and opinions remain my own.


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