Describe snow to baby entry into the House of Fraser Christmas Story project.

Well I was challenged by House of Fraser to come up with an ending so here goes.....

Fraser Bear thought and thought. And then he pointed out of the window and said"Baby Bear look up to the sky. Can you see those fluffy white clouds? When it snows the ground looks like it has been covered by clouds just like that. You can't see the grass or the path, just a lumpy bumpy blanket which sparkles and shines."

He added:"If you go outside with Mummy when it is snowing and look up, the snowflakes feel like icy-cold kisses on your cheeks. If you hold out your tongue you can taste Winter. If you stand still you can become a cloud yourself as the falling snow coats you until you look as whglittery as Jack Frost. Snow is a special gift from nature which makes up for all the summer flowers and plants hiding for the season.  You can play with it, build with it, make balls to throw from it, slide and jump and roll in it. It's lots of fun."

Baby Bear jumped up and down with excitement. He said:"Now I know all about snow I can't wait for it to fall. Thank you Fraser- I'm going to draw my own picture of snow now so I can help my friends understand too!"
baby bear House of Fraser illustration


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