Postsnap app review-make cool postcards, greeting cards and announcement cards from your photographs.

I thought the days of sending postcards were long gone - doleful donkeys, beach views and plump women in stripy swimming costumes replaced by seaside selfies and pictures of your ice-cream carefully edited with a sepia or sierra effect all uploaded instantly onto the internet.

No more "wish you were here" and other smudged inky messages dropping onto your doormat from friends who returned home from their hols weeks before.

Not that I am ever much good at sending postcards. I like buying them but can never be bothered to buy stamps and post them. To be fair I have the same problem with birthday cards- I buy them then either lose them or forget to post them.

Thankfully there is an app- Postsnap- which will allow you to send cards within the UK using your own pictures direct from your iPhone or iPad.

You can snap pictures of your fish 'n chips, crashing waves, your own smiling face or cute pictures of the kids or your pets then create a card. When you are happy with it the clever pixies at Postsnap turn it into an actual physical card and post it to your friends or family!

I tried the app out and had lots of fun making postcards. You can customise with coloured and patterned borders and text, special effects on your photo, lots of layout options, fonts and even a personalised signature with an optional photo signature. Customisation available depends on your project.

My son started university in September and to make him smile in those first few difficult weeks I sent him a postcard with a picture of his little brother dressed as Pikachu with a message on the back based on a word game the two of them play.

And when my sister in law found some old photographs in a box I photographed one of the pictures featuring my eldest when he was much younger wearing  church chorister robes. Within a few minutes I had created a postcard and "posted" it off to his girlfriend!

Bless him he very obligingly posed with his postcard for me when it arrived.

Conveniently the app informs you as to the status of your card and lets you know when it has been posted. The process does take a couple of days but is so convenient I didn't mind that.

You can make normal or large postcards  announcement cards in normal or large and greeting cards. Prices vary -it cost £1.50 for each "normal sized" postcard I created.  Greeting cards are £3 each and announcement cards start from as little as 70 pence each depending on how many you want to send.

ALL prices include free UK delivery. Cards posted to EU addresses cost an extra 25 p each and an extra 50p each to worldwide addresses. You can pay by credit card, debit card or get extra credit if you add prepay credit.

Granted there are other companies which also provide similar service but I was very happy with the ease and convenience of the Postsnap app.

Disclaimer: I received prepaid credit on the Postsnap app in order for me to review it fully. All views and opinions remain honest and my own.