THAT time of the month- made more bearable with a Teen Parcel Pink Parcel? #amonthlything

I can vividly remember the day one of my friends started her period during the school day. She was unprepared, with no sanitary protection to hand. She bravely asked me and our friends if we had anything to hand but between us we could not muster one single pad or tampon.

I can remember the subsequent discussion about what to do. She decided to ask the (female) art teacher who was one of the more approachable members of staff and I have a snapshot in my head of her returning relieved and triumphant clutching a giant duvet of a pad subtly (not!) wrapped in what seemed like metres of those blue paper towels we used to mop up paint spillages. Apt really.

Thankfully sanitary protection has improved markedly since then, especially in relation to how it is geared towards teens. When my teenage daughter was younger I bought her a set which had tampons and towels specially designed for smaller bodies in a pretty bag with an informative book. It sat in her drawer ready for the day she needed it.

This week she was delighted to receive a Pink Parcel. Aimed again at teens and tweens the pink parcel contains everything a girl needs for THAT time of the month - and I don't just mean sanitary products! Perfect timing as she was feeling very fragile - hence the comfy onesie!

teenage girl with Pink Parcel

So - it works like this. Head to the Teen Parcel-Pink Parcel website, choose the brand and size of  towel or tampon the intended recipient prefers and tell them the expected date of their period. The parcel will arrive 3-5 days before the decorators are due in each month. Then when Auntie Flo visits your teen/tween can relax with the treats inside - she'll get a drink, sweet treat and beauty goodies.

This month my daughter received a cute black bag with Tampax Pearl tampons to keep in her bag and two pretty pink boxes of the same brand to keep for later.
teenager opening Pink Parcel

She was obviously much more interested in the treats - in her Pink Parcel box was a lovely blue sparkly Binky London nail polish, Clean and Clear advantage spot control cleanser, moisturiser and fast clearing spot treatment, a Tea Pigs tea bag with a hint of chocolate flavour, a little bag of Haribo sweets and a vouchers for 10 per cent off an order from the Binky London website. There was also a pretty little pink bracelet with a charm in a gorgeous little presentation bag - my daughter was delighted!

contents of Pink Parcel

She said:"I think this is a really good idea. I would really look forward to this coming every month - I might even look forward to my period! It gives you a nice treat to look forward to."

I showed the parcel to some friends who also have daughters and they were really impressed. They did admit though that they were tempted to order them for themselves and wondered if anyone had thought of doing a "grown-ups" one - like the teens one but with the addition of some nice pink fizz or something similar in to enjoy along with the sweets.

The parcels cost £9.95 each month which I though was quite reasonable considering the number of premium brand tampons supplied and the quality of the branded treats. It was all packaged beautifully with plenty to unwrap making the whole thing so much more than a hamper of goodies.

At the moment you can get your first box for just £5.95 and with brands like Roc, TeaPigs and Elizabeth Arden as partners I think that is a bargain. If you don't have a young daughter you could treat a granddaughter, niece or other girl special to you. #amonthlything

Well done Pink Parcel for an innovative idea. It almost makes me sad to be menopausal!

PS can I say thank you to my beautiful daughter who was very cool and happy for me to write about her in such a personal way and use photographs - love you girly!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all views and opinions remain honest and my own.

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