The Teashop on the Corner by Milly Johnson - book review #bahlsenbookclub

I have always loved to read. Since I was a little girl when I was told off for reading books which were "too old" for me at primary school up to now when time to read a book is precious, golden moments of total immersion which refresh me like a spa for the mind.

Don't imagine for a second I am some grand intellectual - I will have a go at reading anything from the classics and the latest "must read" novels down to recipe books and those catalogues which drop uninvited through the letterbox selling you gadgets to trap spiders and polish for your curtains.

I lean towards comedy and thrillers for fun,  love a book with a strong character and am as much sucked in by a series of books as many are towards TV series.

I was delighted to be able to join the Bahlsen Book club  - combining a monthly good book with a selection of yummy Bahlsen biscuits. Heaven! Fundementally what we have here is an excuse to eat biscuits and read and call it work. As in "Go away children, stop staring at my biscuits - I'm working."

This month I was sent Milly Johnson's book "The Teashop on the Corner", two packets of Behlsen's Choco Leibniz (one dark chocolate, one milk) and a couple of posh teabags.

All set with tea and biccies I hid in my bedroom all ready to read.

I have to say, the front cover did not inspire me. I was not sure about the quote "Where friendship blossoms can love flower....?" I thought the book would be two-dimensional and predictable. I could not have been more wrong - well they do say "don't judge a book by its cover" don't they?

I loved this book. From the first unexpected twist to the very last page I was hooked, found myself caring what happened to the characters and identifying with how they felt in certain situations.

The words flowed so I became absorbed in the story, not distracted by over-flowery writing or clunky prose. The characters came alive under the pen of this talented writer and it turned out to be one of those glorious books where you are sad to turn the last page.

And the biscuits. Well they are advertised as more chocolate than biscuit and that is a great description. I did that thing where I carefully pulled the chocolate off the buttery biscuit with my teeth, ate that first and then nibbled the biscuit afterwards.
author Milly Johnson
Milly Johnson

My husband was brave enough to venture into my our room and I allowed him a couple of biscuits - but am embarrassed to say I ate the rest myself.(one packet in one sitting with book in hand!!!)

I'm delighted to have found a new author to enjoy- check out her website for her other titles and a great Christmas offer. And I'm always happy to find new biscuits to enjoy especially when they are as tasty as these Choco Leibniz - hard to pronounce but easy to eat!

Disclaimer: I was sent a package of goodies inc book, biscuits and teabags for the purposes of this honest review.

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