Z is for Zebra (coat)- The Alphabet Photography Project Finale!

I hope this is obviously me and DH in fancy dress but if I'm honest it might not be that obvious to this who know me.  Someone once recently told me my dress sense is a bit Abba-camp so my friends would probably not be surprised to see me turning up wearing this outfit for a "normal" night out. (is any night out normal when I attend?)

On this occasion however the zebra jacket (a lucky charity shop find)  had come out for a murder mystery party where I was to play the part of a celebrity, Lady BlaBla while DH was a vintage motoring enthusiast, Monty Carlo.

I won't spoil the plot in case any of you attend a game on this theme but lots of fun was had by all especially since the "play" was set in a Vineyard - an excuse to drink lots of wine in celebration of my friend's birthday.

So this week - Z is for Zebra without a trip to the zoo. Oh, and be assured, no zebra were harmed in the making of this jacket!

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