Old El Paso teatime treat

My children love wraps. By which I mean the bendy circular bready products which in their heads go equally well with Tex-Mex fillings, frankfurters and on one odd day, ice-cream.

They were delighted to be invited to try out some new products from the Old El Paso range and my teenaged son who was just leaving to return to Uni made me promise to save the tasting session until he came home for Christmas.

End of term for him was last Friday so after the journey home an Old El Paso Fajita feast was top teatime choice and my two middle boys were jostling to be first in line to help prepare it.

Armed with a sharp knife DS#3 cut thin strips of chicken then his younger brother helped him load the strips into a bag along with two tbsp of oil and the crispy chicken coating mix. They had lots of fun shaking the coating over the chicken although I did have to step in before we ended up with a bag of chicken mush.

The chicken pieces which now looked like luxury breast fillet nuggets were tipped from bag onto baking tray and into oven along with onion rings and potato wedges while we laid the  table with Old El Paso squeezy bottled sour cream and the bottled mild sweetcorn relish the children were dying to try!

We added plates of warmed super-soft flour tortillas. We normally add salad and grated cheese but the children didn't want to bother this time.

I planned to take lots of pictures of happy children creating and eating their wraps to share with you but seriously - I turned my back for a minute and it was like locusts had descended!

Suffice it to say the crispy chicken mix proved hugely popular especially served along with the cool sour cream and the sweetcorn relish which the children thought looked funny but described as tasty and quite sweet- it got a thumbs up from them. DS#2 said it was hard to describe but he thought it tasted a bit like caramelised onion relish.

Next on our list to try is the roasted tomato and pepper flavouring - we are huge fans of the Smokey barbecue flavour kits and think this one sound equally tasty.

The great thing about the Old El Paso products is that they are great to keep in the cupboard for a fast but tasty supper, the flavourings, sauces and kits mean you can create fabulous Saturday evening food to enjoy in front of the TV. The Fajita kits are perfect for fussy eaters who seem to eat more when they can build their own Fajita wrap.

There are lots of other products in the Old El Paso range. I love the Stand and Stuff Taco kit - top tip from my Texan friend, make your Tacos then let them stand for a minute or two to left the juices soak in then they are less likely to crack she you pick them up or bite into them and drop filling all over your shirt!

 I like the look of the one pan garlic and chilli rice meal too - sounds perfect for a busy mum like me. Although my guilty secret is that I tend to get the children to work together to cook this type of meal themselves when I'm feeling tired or going out!

And don't just stick to the suggested recipes on the packets - the products are so versatile you really can make up your own menus. The products have guidelines on to let you know how spicy they might be so it's easy to tailor the meal to your personal taste.

In the past we have added smokey BBQ flavouring to fried mince and enjoyed mince stuffed Tortillas with sour cream, raw red onion and oven chips (try it - it's lovely honest!) and "traffic light Fajitas" -  chicken fajitas with red, orange and green peppers. Healthy and tasty!

Disclaimer: I was send a selection of Old El Paso products free to enable me to write this honest review. Views and Opinions remain my own.