Step into the Adventure with Sky #MovieMe Festive card creator

We are big film fans and long-time Sky customers and loved the new advert from Sky where the family decorating their tree are suddenly and unexpectedly transported into one movie after another appearing as characters. Sledging past Olaf looks such fun!

It turns out that we are all able to step into the adventure with a new free activity from Sky where you can create Christmas greetings for your friends and family inserting your image into a card featuring one of four great movies.

Choose from a selection of Frozen-themed scenes, show everyone how awesome it is being part of The Lego Movie, set your spider senses tingling by adding yourself to a Spiderman scene or release your inner Muppet- each movie has different templates to choose from.

@SkyMovies #MovieMe #TheLEGOMovie
Some templates allow you to add one picture, others two or three pictures of members of your family or your friends. It doesn't seem to work with group pictures sadlybut is very effective if you choose well-lit facial close-ups.

My youngest daughter was keen to make a Frozen card (what a surprise) and we found the whole experience fun and very easy - it's just 5 simple steps from start to finish.

 We headed to the card making page on the @SkyMovies website and scrolled through to chose our theme, clicked where it said "add photo" and then we chose a picture "from device" in this case, my laptop.

You can also take a picture if you are using a gadget with a camera, or pick a photo from your Facebook albums.

Happy with our photo we added a greeting then checked our card was ready to go! You can share it on Facebook, Tweet it, email it, print it, download it  to use later or hit "post" to have three cards sent to your home to give to your favourite people!

madmumof7 in The Muppet Movie scene from @SkyMovies #MovieMeWe had a great time making the cards and it made us feel very Christmassy. I had planned to just make one but couldn't resist loading my husband's picture (wearing a very festive hat!) into #TheLEGOMovie template. And as a huge fan of The Muppet Movie it was an easy choice for me- no mention of how much I look like Miss Piggy please!

Finally I made another Frozen card using a picture of Grumpy eating an ice-cream. I asked for that one to be posted to me and plan to give it to his teacher - I bet it'll be the most original one she gets this year!

Frozen scene from @SkyMovies #MovieMaker

disclaimer: #spon This is a sponsored post but views and opinions remain honest and my own.