Book Review- Going Out in the Midday Sun by Kate A Hardy #bahlsenbookclub

I was taken aback by this book. I was not sure from the description where the book would take me. "Four Londoners out of 8 million-through a series of coincidences their lives begin to intertwine."

Book- Going Out in the Midday Sun by Kate A HardySet in the beginning in the late '90s at first I thought the chance meetings of the characters were a tad contrived and unlikely. Then as the storyline reeled me in it reminded me of the immense co-incidences and unlikely events which brought me here and now, typing on my laptop in a small village in Hertfordshire. With seven children.

I met my husband when he was working for a hot air balloon company, advertising brands using special-shaped hot air balloons. I was a not quite single journalist unhappy in my rut.

Oddly had I not met one particular boy years before I would not have ended up in the city I was working in. And had I not decided to go for a walk to avoid my rowing parents whilst on holiday I would not have met  that original boy.

Five minutes later or earlier leaving our caravan in the 1980s and I might not be here now with my gorgeous husband and larger than average family.....

So back to the book. Yes it seems far fetched but when you think about it, not impossible.  The story weaves around the changing circumstance of young men and women searching for love and a purpose in life, sometimes mistaking lust for love.

Sometimes shocking with  gay love triangles and homophobic assaults the tale meanders back and forth across the English Channel with beautifully scripted descriptions of the charms of France and the quirky attraction of our own capital.

As a blogger I loved the glimpse into the work of a stylist working on "Christmas in July" events - I will be sure to thank them for all their hard work so that I can eat mince pies on what will probably be the hottest days of the year again this year!

#bahlsenbookclub bahlsen biscuitsAnd in London this week I smiled passing tube stations mentioned in the book and made a point of looking up at all those tiny flats and bedsits above the shops and restaurants wondering about other, real, characters living there as individuals amongst a throng of millions.

It was a book I could not put down. I turned the last page and surrounded by the crumbs of the Bahlsen "more chocolate than biscuit" biscuits I had been sent along with the book I felt bereft.

After a skeptical start I ended the book caring about the characters so was delighted to realise there is not one but two sequels -"Staying out of the Midday Sun" and "The Mad Dog Cafe." Can't wait to read them! Now do I choose Bahlsen's milk chocolate Choice Leibniz, the dark chocolate ones or the new delicious white chocolate version to eat while I read? Decisions, decisions....

Disclaimer: I am a member of the #bahlsenbookclub and as such received the book, biscuits and some tea free for the purposes of this unbiased review. Views and Opinions remain as always honest and my own.