Dancing at the top of the Spinnaker Tower

I am not keen on heights.  It's odd really since I met my husband hot air ballooning which I don't have a problem with. Giant picnic basket powered by air - fine. Solid (but tall) building engineered by highly qualified humans - not so much.

Which is why I have never been up Portsmouth's famous landmark building, the Spinnaker Tower at Gunwharf Quays. I love it - I like the design, I love the way it's lit at night, I love spotting it off the motorway because I know my eldest son (who lives and works in Portsmouth)is nearby. But I can't bring myself to go up to the viewing areas.

It's a shame because as you can see the views are amazing!

My husband took 5 children up there years ago when we were on holiday in the area (when we only had six children). We saved our Tesco ClubCard vouchers and cashed them in to "pay" for tickets.

As I said though I am not great with heights so I stayed down on terra firma using the baby I had in a pushchair as an excuse. They headed up, I headed to the Cath Kidston outlet shop. Everyone was happy.

Recently we were back at Gunwharf Quays meeting my son for lunch. We were returning our second eldest son (DS#2) to uni and had taken our youngest (Grumpy) with us.

DS#2 and Grumpy did not look delighted at the thought of a nice wander round the shops. They were very interested in the tower however so in a moment of weakness I said they could go up.

We realised we could get a student discount (there are also discounts for residents, people who work on the Gunwharf Quays site, senior citizens, online booking....) and so fee paid off they went while we headed off predictably to Cath Kidston. Again.

I asked my son to take pictures and was delighted with the pictures and video he came back with. This (very) short video is worth a look if you are easily amused by dodgy dancing!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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