Overheard in middle class middle England

 I live in the Home Counties in a very lovely village and am very aware I am very lucky. And being surrounded by privileged people occasionally I get to experience prime examples of situations which I would define as first world problems.

My friend told me about a fabulously sweaty row she witnessed over who was going to buy the last bottle of Prosecco at a local fundraising event recently. Apparently the C-word was used. There was talk of "taking it outside." Fabulous!

And at the weekend I got to witness a wonderful situation when a posh couple subjected themselves to the Golden Arches experience for the first time ever.

So this was on the motorway on the way home from visiting our eldest boys on the south coast. Grumpy was hungry and DH and I needed refreshments too.

We spotted a motorway services sign which advertised McDonalds so decided a Happy Meal and a milkshake would be a nice treat.

DH and Grumpy stayed in the car and I popped in. It was one of those McDonalds where you order at one till and collect from a designated counter. I was waiting for our order and overheard a smartly dressed couple asking the server what they might recommend. I couldn't hear his reply but as they walked towards me I overheard their conversation.

It went something like this.

"Well that's a rum do. How odd - paying for your food before you eat it." said the man. The lady with him replied:"Yes look we have to wait for our number to come up. It's like the post office isn't it?"

They carried on chatting about being able to see the food being prepared and how it must be fabulous food as so many people were ordering. They mused on what exactly they might have ordered, poring over their receipt.

I was intrigued and was delighted when the woman at the collection point shouted their number, followed by their order.

"Sharebox, two McFlurrys, two coffees."

Yes I could see how McDonald's virgins might wonder what it was they had ordered. "Sharebox" "McFlurry" Odd names which don't really explain what each item. At least they knew they had coffee to enjoy.

The couple hurried forward as excited as children and peered at their tray. It obviously didn't help because as they carried it past me I heard them debating what on earth had they got to eat!

Luckily they sat behind where I was standing so I could still  hear them, although I was disappointed I couldn't see their faces as they opened the box to reveal -chicken nuggets!

I did hear the man discovering what was in the McFlurry pots. With a note of amazement he said:"it seems to be some sort of ice-cream darling."

I so wanted to laugh out loud!

At that point my order was called and I picked up our bag. I risked a glance at the couple as I walked out and was highly amused to see they were still peering into their share box looking bewildered!

I have no idea why they had chosen the fast food burger bar when the services offered a variety of more traditional food choices - maybe they were feeling adventurous. Good on them - I hope they enjoyed their unusual meal.