New - ANKI OVERDRIVE racing game with AI robot cars.

Last summer I wrote about the fabulous new "must have" toy for kids and adults - the amazing Anki Drive.  This week I learned the system is being made even more spectacular with the addition of OVERDRIVE which takes the ground-breaking robot drive experience to a whole new level.

When I wrote about Anki Drive in 2014 I described it as "an inspired blend of a physical remote controlled car game and an online platform game where you can evolve through levels creating an individually unique super car to beat all comers."

Now with the addition of the OVERDRIVE mega track you can customise your race with state-of-the-art modular tracks, high-end car designs and new innovations in gameplay. 

The track pieces easily snap together via magnetic connectors allowing you to create and race your own customised courses within seconds. Unlike other track systems it's much easier to start to play. Just download the app on your Apple device (phone, pad, pod) then place the cars on the track.

The gorgeously sleek cars were designed by Harald Belker, the man behind the Batmobile from the 1996 film, and have artificially intelligent minds of their own which means even if you can;t find someone to race with you, one person can still race against an fiendishly clever AI car. 

We found Anki Drive with its roll out mat and robot cars incredibly exciing and easy to use - the new OVERDRIVE system looks even more fun and not much more complicated to set up whilst adding the ability to customise the track in a number of ways which will delight older children and adults whilst still allowing much younger children to play too. (my six year old loves Anki Drive!)

As I mentioned, you can play solo pitting your wits against the robot cars which all have built in AI (artificial intelligence) in campaign mode, play against family and friends with your own set or take your car to play on a friend's set making the most of the extra weapons and speed you have earned.

Since this is a brand new announcement made in New York this week I don't have UK prices or  details of where you will be able to buy ANKI OVERDRIVE in the UK yet - watch this space!

In the meantime, check out the game in action here.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.


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