Some Pancake Alternatives for Shrove Tuesday

It's Shrove Tuesday tomorrow - the day when traditionally we make pancakes to use up ingredients which were considered too indulgent for the Christian season of Lent which leads up to Easter.

 Nowadays people are more health concious and many feel they can't scoff pancakes without risk to their waistline or their health so Morrisons have come to the rescue with some low carb pancake alternatives - The Mancake made with flavoured protein powder and two flourless options, the Bran-cake and Ban-cake.

Check them out! Meanwhile I'll be eating traditional pancakes loaded with too much sugar and a dash of lemon juice. Can't think why I never lose any weight.......

Apologies if you are using a mobile device - the picture might be too small to read recipes. Head to your PC and click on pic then enlarge or print.

alternative pancake recipes

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