The Alphabet Project - E is for Egg #alphabetphoto

No this is not a proud mommy photograph. I decorated this biscuit "all by my own" as my 6-year-old would say and found it almost as therapeutic and relaxing as a spa session.

Don't get me wrong, presented with the opportunity to relax in an actual spa I would drop the biscuit in a flash but as relaxing activities go, biscuit decorating without children is up there.

Yes you heard me. I decorated this biscuit with no children in sight, at a blogger event to promote a well known supermarket's Spring and Summer food range.

They are very canny these PR people and have realised that sophisticated as we appear (Oh do try not to laugh out loud!) we actually enjoy doing stuff like this. Well, I do. I decorated an ice-cream too.

It beats cleaning the toilet at home anyway.

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