My husband's favourite website-Polimil Factory Shop -everything for workers, military, police, field and survival.

My husband's online browsing has up until now been limited to scrolling through those websites which stock every power tool you might possibly need for DIY projects. Often he spends more time researching the tool than he does actually doing the DIY.

Now he has found a new site to spend hours on which sells everything he needs for his demanding outdoor job so he doesn't have to hunt round actual shops or a dozen different websites.

Like most people my poor DH spends more time at work than at home. He works outside as a scaffolder and as he's knocking on a bit age-wise, it gets increasingly important for him to stay warm and dry so he is always on the lookout for great quality work clothes and boots at a good price.

One of his most vital pieces of workwear are his boots. They have to be comfortable and have steel toe caps - believe me these two essentials are not always available together.


Checking out the Polimil Factory Shop site he was delighted to find Caterpillar workboots in a variety of styles and colours so for once he had a choice.

caterpillar bootsAfter all some people wear the famous Caterpillar brand for fashion so to be able to choose his favourite colour and design to keep his feet dry, warm and safe from impact injuries and have them delivered to his door (he hates shopping) made his day.

Polimil is not just about boots - although they have an impressive range suitable for police officers, construction workers, members of the military and anyone else who wants quality hardwearing safe footwear.

I spent some time checking out their impressive range of clothes, bags, torches and lighting, gloves and hats and what I call "stuff you didn't realise you wanted desperately until you found it on this site."

I couldn't resist exploring the excitingly named "tactical eyewear" department containing items designed "specifically for tactical, special operations and combat use." plus some items which would just look cool on the school run too!

Anything you might need for field and survival use is here at Polimil too along with the sort of security products which James Bond might have in his kit including a covert camera designed to look like a coat button.

hotel style safeI love the idea of a portable hotel-style safe and was very impressed with the range and price of some of the bags and rucksacks - useful to know if you have children off on school trips this summer.

Meanwhile my husband was very interested in the comprehensive range of base layers - he does hate to be cold - and the sturdy looking mobile phone pouches.

Even I enjoyed browsing the Polimil website and now have it bookmarked. That's DH's birthdays and  Christmas's sorted for a while!
covert button camera

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.