Ripples and Rocks.

ripples in shallow sea water

This picture sort of sums up my life at the moment. The sea, with some ripples on the surface and rocks just underneath the surface.

The sea, I believe, is beautiful. OK maybe not so much in this photograph hastily snapped over the railings at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. But generally the sea calms my soul and I marvel at the changing colours, moods and the varying emotions it stirs in me. It's beautiful like so many aspects of my life for which I feel blessed.

The rocks represent the stuff that lurks beneath everyone's day to day life. Money worries, health worries, work stresses, relationship issues. There are always rocks.

And the ripples? Well there've been more ripples in my life than I'd like recently. Things are changing and I don't like change. None of it really affects me in that I will stay put, carry on, accept and adapt. But I like calm and the ripples of events in other people's lives which touch mine disturb me and make me anxious and sad.


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