A Blogger Badge for BritMums Live 2015 #BritMumsLive15

I am one of the lucky bloggers who actually gets to attend events (mostly because I live just 35 minutes train ride from London) and meet some of the people I chat to online in actual 3D life!

I have worn a variety of badges usually made up of bits of paper stuffed into finger-slashing plastic cases. They generally come on lanyards or with pin-backs and no-one seems to mind when you stare fixedly at their boos or stomach trying to read the badge.

In June I am off to BritMum's Live 2015 and was very excited to be offered a custom-made quality badge with my own "madmumof7" logo on from Simoney Badges to wear during the two-day event at The Brewery in London.

Simoney has been making quality custom personalised name badges, stickers, labels, gifts and promotional items for over a decade now and offers a free design service and excellent customer service from actual real live human beings if you ring their helpline.

The sample badge I received from their "Executive" range was extremely well made and the name and blog name was clearly written. (I've obscured the name in my photo as it had an actual blogger's details on) The pin was firmly attached and the badge was easy to pin to clothes and although sturdy was not so heavy as to pull.

I was also sent some lovely examples of their button badges - it took me right back to my childhood when I used to collect them!

Although the badge would be perfect for BritMum's Live (and could easily be worn alongside the official badge) it's definitely made to last longer than one wear and would be useful to wear at every event I attend as madmumof7.

Disclaimer: Written in conjunction with Simoney Badges

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