Exciting morning browsing lovely things at QVC #QVCAW15

One of my favourite thing about being a blogger is the opportunities I get to get early previews of lovely products and yesterday was particularly lovely as I compiled a new and shinier list of "stuff I didn't know I needed until I saw it" in my head.

I am renowned for my bag and shoe obsession - seriously, I'm like the Imelda Marcos of the Home Counties, only with comfier shoes.

When the beautiful girl with spectacular gladiator sandals at the QVC press show reception asked me what I was interested in, and showed me the list of tech, interiors, fashion, jewellery, shoes, bags and beauty I simple replied "all of it."

Ohhhh it was all so beautiful. Even the skinny-girl fashions and OTT jewellery I could/would never wear I could admire on behalf of those who could.

I am a huge fan of Radley and was excited to hear you can now buy Radley products through QVC. I have my favourite picked out already although it's a hard choice when you see the lovely bags from Lulu Guiness (including a fab tote exclusive to QVC) and a nice range from Modalu.....

Backing reluctantly away from the bags I stumbled across the shoe display and was immediately faced with another Sophie's choice situation whilst looking at the range of winter boots for next season. I do like a nice furry boot and QVC were displaying a great range with different styling. One pair is even waterproof unlike SOME boots which leave your feet as soggy as the last cornflake in the bowl after a short rain shower.

Onto beauty and after having my face scanned for sun damage by the Ultrasun experts I was amazed to learn that my worst damaged area was the tops of my ears! Never thought to put suncream there! More about them in another post but if you are looking for all-day effective sunscreens which won't give you or your children prickly heat it's worth checking them out. They also do tinted, glimmer and ultra lip products and an overnight summer skin recovery mask which looks a real treat for your face.

Another personal favourite is nail products by Opi and I was delighted to be invited to try out their new Venice-inspired range of colours. From vintage mint-greens to dazzling metallic deep blues it's a great range which will appeal to all ages with the usual Opi quality guaranteeing a top finish and nail care.

My top recommendation from the range would be the crystal nail file - gentle and apparently guaranteed to last a lifetime I had my first grimace-free manicure. I hate having my nails filed but it was so efficient with almost no raspy vibration through my nails I didn't mind it at all.

Feeling pampered with my new "St Mark's the spot" blue nails I headed over to tech and like any blogger was immediately drawn to the camera on display.

The Pentax Q-S1 Compact System Camera bundle features a super small camera with interchangeable lenses. As one who gave up a heavy DSLR in favour of a bridge camera but misses the ability to change lenses I was really interested in this lightweight almost pocket sized option.

My son would love the GPO Turntable with built in speakers (comes in blue, brown and red)  which looks to be very portable - ideal for a student constantly moving house whilst having a mummy moment I was transfixed by the Dyson range - I needed one of those cordless vacuums with all my children constantly making a mess. I swear my 6 -year-old sheds crumbs even when he hasn't eaten anything!

There was lots more of what I call as "shiny things" including some stunning pieces to decorate your home. I loved the illuminated LOVE sign.

Obviously a lot of these goodies won't be available until the Autumn/Winter but you can always click across to the QVC website or their TV channels (check website for channel details) and see what lovely shiny things you can pick up right now.