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I am a huge fan of a2 milk after discovering that unlike "normal" milk, drinking it does not upset my stomach or make me bloat like I am heavily pregnant with twins so decided to hold an easy to enter competition to win a fabulous Kindle WiFi Touch RRP £59 to celebrate meeting the brand exactly one year ago at #britmumslive.

So what is a2 milk and how does it differ to "normal" cow's milk?

The scientific explanation from the a2 website reads:
a2 Milk is 100% natural fresh cows’ milk which you may find easier to digest than regular cows’ milk, here’s why.
Cows’ milk contains different types of protein – including ones called A1 and A2. These two proteins digest quite differently from each other and, for some people, the presence of A1 protein can result in discomfort after drinking milk. It was thanks to Dr Corran Mclachlan back in 1997 in New Zealand that the impact of this difference in proteins was discovered and the a2 Milk Company was born.

You can read more about the milk, and rugby star Danny Cipriani's experience of switching to a2 HERE . My teenaged son also found he has no adverse reaction to a2 milk which was great news for him as he had cut cows milk from his diet because it upset his stomach so much.

If you suffer from digestive issues or bloating after drinking milk it might be well worth giving a2 a go as unlike milk substitutes which usually have a long list of additives a2 is 100% milk which tastes, looks and cooks like cow's milk. Mainly because it is just cows milk!

As I explained I first heard about a2 milk at #britmumslive exactly a year ago and to celebrate that life-changing meeting (or at least milk-changing!) a2 and madmumof7 are working together to bring you a fabulous GIVEAWAY!

You can win a Kindle Wi-Fi Touch worth £50 in this fabulous competition.

"Simple to use touchscreen e-Reader that will ensure you get the most out of your reading. 

With built-in Wi-Fi, this sleek Kindle weighs a light 213g and holds up to 3,000 books. 

The EasyReach touch technology means you can read easily with one hand for added comfort."

It's very easy to enter - either complete the entries here on the blog


Find me at #britmumslive and hand me your business card if it has your email address on, or write your name and email address on a piece of paper and come and find me. Sadly I won't have the very hunky Danny Cipriani with me......

Can't spot me? Tweet me @madmumof7 and I will arrange to meet you - I'm very excited about making some new friends this way!!!

I will careful drop any email addresses given to me at Britmums 2015 into the barrel of pixies who run the competition widget and a winner will be chosen by the head pixie at random.

Without further ado here is the competition widget thingy - good luck!!

a2 Milk Kindle Wi-Fi Touch giveaway

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post - views and opinions remain honest and my own.