Spectacular Stain Removal from Rug Doctor, my #britmumslive 2015 sponsor

This week I have been madly preparing for #britmums live. I'd like to say I have been packing, and sorting out notebooks and tech and chargers and stuff. But actually I have been mainly prevaricating about what outfit to wear on Friday.

I'm sorted for Saturday - look out for me modelling skinny jeans and a very snazzy and eye catching T-shirt sent to me from my Britmums 2015 sponsor Rug Doctor. I can't decide whether to wear my Converse or red shiny Birkenstocks with it- final decision will be made after checking the weather forecast.

Now regular readers will know I am a very enthusiastic advocate of the Rug Doctor machine you hire and the portable spot cleaner you can buy and I now present photographic evidence of just why I am so impressed with Rug Doctor products.

The other thing I did whilst not getting ready for Britmums was to help my new neighbour whose partner had surprised her with a "new to them" sofa. She very much appreciated his thoughtful idea that the reclining sofa in cream and beige would be a nice place for them to snuggle up and watch TV. She was less impressed with the grim stains on it.

Since I have removed stains from just about everything in my house (my husband says I can't use it on the children) I was delighted at the opportunity to go and eradicate other people's stains.....and writing this jet made me realise how tragic that sounds but trust me, it's lots of fun!

I trundled the Rug Doctor portable spot cleaner next door easily with its handy wheels and luggage style retractable handle and like some 1950's door-to-door demonstrator got to work with the machine .
So here is the BEFORE picture...

And here is the much improved AFTER picture.

Any residual dark marks you might see were largely the damp patch left by the process which soon dried thanks to the powerful suction of the motorised brush which draws up most of the dirty water from the thing you are cleaning. Isn't it marvellous?

I was so glad to be able to help my new neighbours who both work hard but have 3 children and no spare money for new furniture and enjoyed showing off my little red stain-eating machine.