An essential FREE tool for all parents - the British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid app #rappedup

As a mother of 7 I am very used to people asking me parenting questions although since each child is different I am still learning new strategies even with my youngest child.

Often I am asked school-related questions simply because I have trudged up the path of our local primary school for more years than most (17 years so far, 5 more to go) whilst at other times I am asked parenting or medical questions presumably since I have seen most rashes and experienced a good range of first aid emergencies over the years.

I have described before how having 7 children seems to entitle me to a season ticket to the Accident and Emergency department and if you want to know where the best hospital cafe is located or where to park I am definitely your woman.

I have used the non-emergency 111 number before now too including one memorable occasion when my son ate a red hot chilli pepper. Yes, this IS the same son who ate dishwasher powder, played with Yew tree berries like sweeties and sucked up blue toilet water through a flannel.

The chilli incident happened when he was about 8. I had been given a chilli plant by one of the parents at the school where I worked as a teaching assistant. I placed it carefully out of reach (or so I thought) but my little monkey climbed and picked the tiny chilli and took a bite.

Blood curdling screams filled the house and as he held his open mouth under a running cold water tap I rang 111 to ask advice. The lovely chap who answered was professional and calm right up until one question where he snorted with laughter before apologising then asking - "is the child floppy or unresponsive?"

Since we had been having to shout at each other over the screams we both knew this was a superfluous question but they have a script and must stick to it!

In case you are wondering, adding cold water was the WRONG thing to do -soap and olive oil was prescribed to stop the burning and protect the mucous membranes from drying out. After ten years of avoiding anything with chilli in my son has now dared to eat food containing the ingredient in more normal doses.

Handy as 111 is I wish I had the convenience of a First Aid app like one created by the British Red Cross - essential for every parent I believe, especially those heading off on holiday.

For some reason we often seem to end up having accidents on holiday including the time the child pictured above fell 4 inches off the bottom step of the stairs in our holiday cottage and broke his leg! That was Portsmouth's hospital added to our list of "hospitals we have visited."

The British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid app is being promoted with hilarious YouTube videos including this one, the first in the series, which features some very cute rapping kids and babies with some handy advice about potential poisoning accidents.

Isn't that a fabulously fun way to get the message across?

Packed with useful videos, easy to follow advice and a test section – it’s absolutely free and simple to download onto your iPhoneiPad or Android device.

The app features a handy device enabling parents to record their child’s medication needs along with the following features:


Simple, easy-to-understand advice and frequently asked questions on 17 first aid scenarios. Videos, step-by-step instructions and animations make it fun and easy to pick up.


Get expert tips on how to prepare for some of the most common emergency situations, from accidents in the garden to a fire at home. Sections include a list of tips and handy checklist.


Act fast when things go wrong. This instantly accessible, step-by-step section gives you the key information to know what to do in emergency first aid situations.


Find out how much you’ve learned in our test section, which provides a useful opportunity to check that you’ve picked up all the necessary skills. 


Find out more about the life-saving work of the British Red Cross – including volunteering opportunities, latest news and how to sign up for a first aid course. 

It's very comforting to know that I can refer immediately to the app to help make a decision about next steps after an incident. With poisoning for instance do you give water, or milk, or nothing? The app will help ensure you don't do the wrong thing before trained medics can help.
Well done British Red Cross - a fabulous FREE tool for parents and grandparents or anyone who cares for babies and children.
You can find out more and download the app HERE.

I am happy to support the British Red Cross #rappedup campaign and have received NO payment or incentive to publish this post. 

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