Creating a HEXBUG AquaBot Sealife centre for Bubbles our robotic Jellyfish toy pet #review

Let's face it the weather has not always been kind during the summer holidays and so I was very grateful for HEXBUGS genius idea of using craft materials to create a unique sea life centre for our new HEXBUGS AquaBot Jellyfish which bizarrely the children named Bubbles.

Using just a few sticks of modelling clay and a few sheets of stickers the younger children had lots of fun designing then creating a fun environment for their pink wibbly-wobbly, spinning, swimming light-up jellyfish.

The jellyfish is one of the new additions to the AquaBot range from micro-robotic experts HEXBUG. Along with a variety of fish you can now add jellyfish, seahorses or, very excitingly a remote controlled Angelfish to your robotic pet collection.

Watch them in a tank or even add some excitement to bath time - turn the lights out and see their inner LED glow. We keep Bubbles in a tank (a separate one to our real fish!) and love that he goes to "sleep" after 3 minutes and a tap on the tank will "wake" him and send him on his jellyfishy way round and round and up and down his beautifully decorated home.

Check out my video of him in action!

Each pet comes in a variety of colours and I have to say I find watching Bubbles mesmerising and incredibly relaxing.

Powered by three of those little watch batteries (six batteries were included in the pack) the jellyfish propels its bell-shaped body with floppy trailing jelly-tentacles into the bottom of the tank then floats back up using a surface sensor to work out it is at the top. If you take it out of the water it automatically turns off then turns on again when you pop him back into water.

I love the idea of the remote control Angelfish to give even more control over the fun and think the whole range would make a perfect present for just about any age.

You can even buy novelty tanks for your AquaBot, or just dig out the one left over after the real fish died.

My children have now added pets from the whole range to their Christmas list and since (RRP) prices are just  £9.99 for the jellyfish and seahorse and £14.99 for the remote control Angelfish (while other items in the range are even cheaper) it's not an unattainable dream! Ho Ho Ho!

Disclaimer: We received a HEXBUG AquaBot Jellyfish, tank and craft materials for the purposes of this review. Views and opinions remain honest and my own.