Live like royalty in your own private palace with some simple interior design ideas.

I was born to be a Princess. I like the finer things in life, enjoy luxurious foods, adore Champagne and have an impressive collection of tiaras. Sadly the stork seems to have made a mistake and my "palace" appears to resemble a 3-bed terrace.

I combat the disappointment of the realisation that I am fact a commoner by filling my home with key pieces which bring Buckingham Palace to me and make me feel like royalty.

I love light fittings which can only be described as fabulous, have a range of luxurious textures in the form of cushions rugs, bedspreads and throws and just enough bling to bring sparkle to my everyday life without being tacky. (if you ignore the tiara display of course)

I like to combine vintage and antique shop finds with high street pieces to make my home unique. If you don't feel like you have an eye for interior design or worry about wasting money buying things which just don't work together, try making a mood board like the one below by eve-tyler to mix and match items to create a tasteful look. Think understated elegance as demonstrated by Diana and Kate rather than OTT Fergie-style.

Royal interiors

If you don't have the budget for a complete new look try incorporating a few key pieces to bring the royal feel to your home. Ditch the mis-matched glasses and those which somehow made their way home from the pub and treat yourself to some classic glassware which will make any party sparkle.

Even cheap wine bought to drink on a Friday night in front of the TV tastes better in nice glasses and if you want to hide the fact that your wine or spirits come from a budget supermarket (they can taste as good as the pricier stuff!) serve it to friends from a nice decanter.

For a real sense of luxury don't forget to think about textures. Changing your tired cushions for some new plump ones can revitalise a room quite cheaply. Bring together leather and fur (even if it's faux) and introduce a nice fragrance through diffusers, candles or even body lotions and you will soon feel as pampered as a King or Queen.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.